Trump Prophecy Collection Page

Trump Prophecy Collection Page

1. Mark Taylor Prophecies on Google Drive:  Nice backgrounds.  Easy to read.  Download and pass them Around.  Click here

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Mark Taylor’s Website

Study these prophecies.  Why?  Well to see what has happened right before your eyes.  To see what will happen.  And to see what you need to be doing.  We are in the end of this age the “end times”.  You want to do everything right and maximize your opportunity for eternal rewards in this period. We are very fortunate to be alive and be able to take advantage of this opportunity.  Why?  Because of the urgency and energy of the times!  How many people let their lives just pass on by without becoming fully pure and without doing anything to build the Kingdom?  Well they are most certainly going to regret that.  You and I have opportunity right now to fix our past through full repentance unto then full obedience of the commands of Jesus throughout the New Testament, doing such causes us to bear fruit for the Kingdom, eternal wealth. Review the following over and over.

Donald Trump is indeed likely the Last TRUMP of 1 Corinthians 15:52 According to Mark Taylor prophecies Trump is a mercy delay of the Tribulation for the sake of the Great End Times Harvest.   Kat Kerr (visits Heaven a lot in spirit as Apostle John did and whose ministry is directly with God the Father) says she and others have been taken into the future even 100, 200 maybe even more if I remember hearing that message correctly (on one of her CD’s I bought) and guess what?  We’re still here!  And the Body of Christ keeps rising in power and purity, until the pinnacle; then God calls us away and the “7 Year Bump in the Road” gets started.  So “roll up your rapture rug” and “get your crown on and start ruling and reigning in Christ”.

Is this the Millennial Rein?  Or is this a spiritual version of the Millennial Rein? Or is the Millennial Rein indeed a spiritual thing? There are many that have pointed out in detail with signs in the sky (celestial arrangements) that have impressive and convincing arguments.  Those people who call themselves “aliens” are saying this is the Millennial Rein.  So then it’s probably not.  And as Kat Kerr says, the Millennial Rein will happen after the 7 year tribulation, the perilous times which have not happened yet and that Jesus will be here physically reining along with those of us who have been regenerated and called.

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Mark Taylor Prophecies

Videos (See the rest on our YouTube channel plus we did explainer and commentary videos on many Mark Taylor Prophecies as well if you’d like to see those.)

  1. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy I Video
  2. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy II Video
  3. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy III Video

Here they are printed out from Mark Taylor’s Website: (and Check Mark’s website for any new prophecies! Book mark his site and share it on all your social accounts for that matter.  Get those prophecies out there!.  The entire planet needs to hear them but especially everyone who calls themselves Christian a. so they can see God’s work in real time and b. to correct things FAST because the judgement on the church has just begun!)

Also down load all of these prophecies including our videos.  Distribute at will you have our permission on the vids.  There is all sorts of video downloader software out there like 4k video downloader.  Keep backup copies in case they get deleted. Feel free to do whatever with the videos from our Youtube channel.  Just move fast and get the Word out; put them on your site, burn them to a cd/dvd or a mini flash drive and pass them out, upload them to your channels or other video sites, share them around, translate them  etc.

Arranged by date: Most recent at the top.   Mark’s site is  and that’s where he posts the prophecies.

Here Are the Video Versions of Mark Taylor Prophecies Put into Easy to Follow Slides – These Are Great for Sharing with Your Friends & On Social Media

Mark Taylor Commentary & Action Plan Videos for You:

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