Trigger Points for End Time New World Order and Mark of Beast

Trigger Points for End Time New World Order and Mark of Beast

This Video is SHOCKING and You Better Listen All the Way Through – Even and Especially You Who are Feeling Comfortable in Your Christian Church

The deception will run incredibly thick.  I’ve been telling you to get on that 3x to 5x a year volume Bible reading plan.  Man… if you don’t know the Word, as in knowing the Word as you would know a best friend – you’re in BIG trouble.

  • You’re probably already in a heap of unconfessed sin and unforgiving offenses
  • You’re probably inadvertently agreeing with the ideas of Satan and the coming Man of Sin
  • The liberalizing of the Church is betraying you
  • No it’s not ok.  People think so many things are “ok” theses days.  You’re setting yourself up for a potential big fall
  • It is very easy to get duped into the mark of the beast.
  • The mark of the beast understanding has increased.  It will likely change your DNA. You will no longer become human.  This can be done even through these RFID chips, stamps or injections.   There maybe even promises to make you super human.  (Hey I wanted to crack the “Captain America” Formula myself until I understood the fallen angel, cross breeding, DNA manipulation agenda.  So forget “Captain America” I’ll just wait for the Lord to give me super powers in my new body!).
  • You must be prepared to give it up and accept the end of the flesh vs. take this mark.  But before that you better believe on Jesus, all the way, 100%, and repent out all of your sins while vanquishing any sin habit.
  • Taking the mark is irreversible and you will be thrown into the Lake of Fire ALIVE – the same end for the Devil, fallen angels and Nephilim.
  • If you can’t sense we’re in a highest alert end times, end of this age probability point instinctively even (as I sensed after visiting a big Baptist church Sunday school this morning), you’re in big trouble.  You may have replaced your direct trust in religion off of Chris Jesus.

Ok listen to Tom Horn on Hagman and Hagman interview.   Understand the highly probable possibilities.  We’re not predicting the future but we are speaking in terms of PROBABILITY that comes from knowing the Word well and revelation or simply confirmation that comes from the Lord:

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