Transhumanism – An End Times Concept As in the Days of Noah

Transhumanism – An End Times Concept As in the Days of Noah

Gene therapy sounds great doesn’t it.  Fix your diseases.  Become a superior human.  Hey I even wanted to figure out the “Captain America Formula” at one point, like really. (but now I would rather optimize what God has given me with the foods and creation He has given us).

We have been unusually brainwashed through TV, movies and in USA medicine where MD’s blame most everything they can’t explained on “the genes” or “genetics”.  Humans are continually striving to become immortal in the flesh.  They just don’t understand that by loving God they could have super powered awesome bodies  (yes, that can fly according to Hyun Sook Na who has had many Heaven and Hell visitations over 20 years or so)

Well what if God Almighty doesn’t want you messing with His design coding?   This was seen to be the case in the past as all Nephilim of the Bible were wiped out in the flood.  It is understood that King David killed off the last of these Nehpilim, angel, human hybrids, Goliath being one of them.

Dinosaurs – fallen angel genetic experimenting?


So Tom Horn is certainly on to something.  Zoltan wants to create enhanced humans, meta humans etc..


Zoltan Istvan -the Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate??

Well here is the article on Huffington Post

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