Top Scientist Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Road ‘To Your Doom’ – See Video – Why Wouldn’t it Be it’s from Satan MD!

COVID-19 Vaccine

See Video Below:  Here are some notes.  Saw the Video Title and Thought This Was Very Pertinent and Timely:  See the whole video.  The word renoun immunity expert is towards the end. 


  • 1. We know about their corrupt destructive capacity.
  • 2. We are finding out that vaccines are 100 times worse than how bad we originally thought about them. 
  • 3. We’re running into a lot of people who actually think that a vaccine is a good thing and that it’s some type of ‘cure’ for virus.  (And remember it’s your own immune system that would come up with any cure!  It’s your own immune system for making anti-body markers for the sake of making it easier to quickly target a bad bug or a cell gone bad in the future.  That said, your own immune system doesn’t find a corona virus as a threat so there’s no such thing as immunity against a corona virus.  The corona virus is also known as “the common cold”!   
  • Don’t forget that the bad guys are trying to create end times right now, exterminating 7 billion plus humans while turning the rest into mutated dna hybrids, nephilim like in the days of Noah. 
  • Fauci Fraud
  • Gates – fraud
  • Company does genetic engineered nanotech.
  • PCR test turned up so high so everybody has covid. PCR test  will also pick up any version of the corona virus  which has been around for what decades because it’s the virus associated with the common cold!   so you could argue that every single person has come in contact with  one form of corona virus  or another.
  • Corona vaccine – even an additional level of dark side trickery – it can destroy  your immune system while causing a hyper immune response into the future which will give you extreme symptoms even choking you up with mucous.   
  • The intubation tubes are what kills people as well.  
  • Satan’s little helpers, the Satanic pharmakia MD doctors and the hospitals get bonused $13,000 for listing you as COVID-19 and get $39,000 if they admit you for treament and stick a breathing tube down  your throat (where that “intubation” tube is associated with being the high death rate killer).  
  • The quick fix cures have already been established that you can see from the right sidebar of this site.  A vaccines is absolute nonsense rubbish.  The MD community who goes along with Satan’s plan and main stream media have committed treason against their country and humanity.  They are to be held accountable by the law and the people of planet Earth. 
  • So whenever you get a regular cold you could die of the immune response. Which is what gets triggered with this COVID-19 concept but also can be symptoms of strong 5G.  Most deaths most directly linked to “COVID-19” came from pneumonia which is a common killer every year across the planet according to statistical data. 
  • Hundreds of millions set to starve to death due to lockdowns says UN. UN already admits a couple million people already died from lockdowns.
  • Each person was supposed to get $20,000 in lock down stimulus but was given to special instant groups and govt insiders while businesses across the country are collapsing. 
  • PCR tests are not good for viruses says the creator of the tests.  A papaya will test positive. USA turned up test 20x times the recommended levels so it creates 95% false positives.   “With PCR you can find anything in anyone”.  These PCR types of tests have also been used to make fake cancer diagnosis to stick people through hideous cancer MD methods. 
  • Vaccines are traditionally designed to trigger and activate problems into you 
  • Don’t forget they are now openly telling you that they are openly telling you that they want to depopulate you. 


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