Told You So… Hydroxychloroquine Needs Extra Zinc Supplementation and BAM Works in Hours

See video above doing clinical test with his own patients with the hydroxychloroquine and zinc. He realized hydroxychloroquine didn’t work so well on its own but work like gangbusters when you add zinc supplementation. Doctor Vladimir Zelenko used Zinc 200mg in his protocol which worked for 650 out of 650 patients.

The average American diet is m miserably poor in minerals. And as Dr.Joel Wallach  and Linus Pauling have found that just about every disease can be traced back to a mineral deficiency in these modern times. And people with ample vitamins and minerals likely probably won’t even get affected by Coronavirus or don’t experience much in terms of symptoms. There are other factors too involved in being able to prevent getting sick with viruses even nasty ones like this one.

In the meantime the bad guys are panicking not wanting you to use this protocol. Observe their scam language and how they have scammed you over the decade out of health treatments that work and into their crappy drugs and scam vaccines. It’s time to wake up the planet and have the planet deal with the snake oil salesman who can’t genuinely fix a thing. And why would they be able to fix a thing since they practice satanic medicine?! All of allopathic MD medicine has been taken over by Satanic medicine. Read Revelation 18 in the Interlinear. Start learning about those highly successful natural healers outside of the realm of allopathic MD and you’ll start to see the scam you are under with this MD allopathic pharma sorcery system. Look at their own Baphomet statue – look in the stomach and what do you see? That’s right! you see the MD! You see their symbol – the snakes.

Why would you ever trust a snake?

The ducks win.

Repent MD’s.  All the deaths you caused short, medium and long term by going along with Satanic medicine are attributed to you.  You agreed with it. You performed it.  You prescribed it.  You know full well that you do not know what you are doing and that you do not know how to heal a person.   And for those who say they are Christian, you can’t say you are Christian, which means to follow Christ, which means to OBEY Christ and practice allopathic Satanic medicine. 

Go take your industry back from those demons and start healing people instead of murdering them, maiming them and making them sick, to what wast that stat?  15 MILLION people a year globally?  And you’re the ones who are performing the abortions on top of that.  Learn how the body works for you don’t even know and you’ve been lied to in  your education as most of you probably already know by now.  And stop cutting off people’s organs, they actually do have function. 



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