Told You Allopathic MD Pharmakeia “Modern Medicine” is COMPLETELY Satanic – From JD Rockerfeller 200 Years Ago

Told You Allopathic MD Pharmakeia “Modern Medicine” is COMPLETELY Satanic – From JD Rockerfeller 200 Years Ago  Listen to this Rckefeller Secret Covenant Which is Not So Secret Anymore, Well Unless You Haven’t Woken Up Yet

Yes I remember the day when I finally had to admit that some people are actually bad..

What Are These People’s Motivation? 

  1. They are doomed by God, the Sons of Cain, the Blood Line of Cain, the Sons of the Serpent (in line with Today’s popular narrative that the “forbidden fruit” Eve “ate” was hooking up with Satan, a “Reptilian”, Lucifer in the Garden of Eden, a Higher Dimension?  Didn’t think angels had “units” except the watcher angels who were sent to Earth in flesh bodies so they could teach us stuff.  But I guess, due to the flesh bodies, when that started seeing some “hot chick” Earth women, they couldn’t help themselves, made that insane pact as you see in Enoch, then went wild hooking up with Earth women, spawning Giants, that few to 450 ft tall and then smaller over time.  Then lust started consuming these watchers and they started mating with everything, animals, then creating these half animal have well i guess flesh angel.
  2. These sons and daughters of Cain believe they are eternally doomed.  So they have been trying to escape.  Their route is to raise enough sin power in the world to “counter act” God’s goodness, using the “dark side of the force” to raise the “Anti Christ”.  They are not doomed.  They can be redeemed by God the Son, by the blood of the lamb, as Saul was after scales (reptilian) fell from his eyes and he became Paul.  Now I’m not totally sure on the Saul to Paul reptilian concept, but the sons of snakes and brood of vipers, as God the Son called them, were the from the line of Cain,  They were Jews, not Hebrews,  They may have mated into Hebrew lines;  that’s what Saul sounded like, and were the Pharisees and Sadducees (the sons of Cain love to get themselves into rulership positions).  Cain….Nephilim (sons of watcher angels mating with humans) … Esau… Khazarians and others… Jews.  Jews are not Hebrews as they admit, although many may have had kids with Hebrews over the years.  The Hebrews, ancient Israel, are said to be the White Europeans as proven quite well historically by Youtube channel TruthVids.  We are in the Apocalypse “An apocalypse is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge. In religious concepts an apocalypse usually discloses something very important that was hidden or provides a “vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities””  – Wikipedia.  It’s a revealing not great destruction.
  3. So these sons of Cain, Fallen Angels, Esau (who married into that line of people) and why the Jews count lineage from the mothers side?  Certainly hate sons of Jacob.  But they are trying to escape also, escape God and get back into Heaven to conquer Heaven all while trying to avoid being doomed to the Lake of Fire for an eternity along with Lucifer and the other original fallen angels.  So this gives reason behind their massive motivation and massive amounts of tactics, strategies planned and performed over a long amount of time.
  4. Welcome to the Kingdom Age where it’s Kingdom vs. Kingdom.  The Kingdom of Heaven invading the Kingdom of Darkness and the Sons of God (Q, Trump, Good Military, Good Global Alliances…) invading the Sons of Satan in the natural.  And in the natural, one of the tactics of the enemy is to marry into the culture and produce mixed offspring to eventually take over that country, that people.  Now the Sons of God need to reverse that trend and do the same taking over all nations of the planet and occupying the Earth until Yeshua returns, as commanded in the New Testament. So get with it! 



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