To Those Who Say There Are No More Prophets

To Those Who Say There Are No More Prophets

Time to Get a Clue.  You’re Either Not in the Game or You’re Under a Denominational Doctrinal Stronghold

To Whom Are You Listening?  To What are You Listening?   

Who’s Your Lord?  Who Are You Following?  What Are You Following?  Who or What is Directing Your Life Moment by Moment?  To Whom or What Are You Obeying Moment by Moment?

We Have Prophets.  And they Are Accurate.

Wake Up Sleeper.  Get in the Game.  Listen for Yourself.  Get with the Times.  Be Free to Actually Follow Jesus.  Have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See.  You Are Needed.  The World & the Great Harvest Needs You to Get with the Program… 

Here is a starter action plan for you to discover very real prophets.   You don’t follow a prophet you just hear what they have to say.  Then you follow Jesus and obey His voice:

  1. Mark Taylor Prophecies:  Experience them in Real Time as We All Have Over the Past Few Years.  All accurate.   See our nice video versions of each on our Youtube Channel
  2. Elijah List:  New Prophecies Daily – Emailed to You.  Every one I’ve seen have been accurate.  See here for Elijah List Archives of Prophecies
  3. Kat Kerr: Big playlist.  She’s been telling us what’s to happen for a while while also revealing the awesomeness from Heaven and giving us answers from God the Father, accurately.    – See Here for a 100+ Video Playlist
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