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Donkey Big Mouth

Born again believers your words shape  reality in this time more than ever.

We are God’s children and God our Father makes things happen with words. And the universe is designed this way.  And on Earth our words create or destroy.

Quite frankly am not an expert on this topic or creating with your words but I’m starting to learn and we all need to learn more quickly. This decade is focused on our mouth, our words.  So it’s more important to only speak productive words for God’s glory, the Kingdom of HEAVEN (not Hell!) and the salvation of souls.

I say this because a lot of these concepts are deep and way out there. It’s like super science. It’s quantum stuff and beyond – in terms of creating with your mouth.

And in regards to health, I have learned and experienced how people can curse or bless.  And for those who don’t understand the power of words, they can be cursed with negative statements of your health, with ‘diagnosises’ or ‘potential diagnosises” or even statements of negative possibilities and end up putting a curse on your health leading you to manifest a health problem.  MD’s do this all the time.  They learned this from their snake medicine scammer education, which is sorcery, designed to trick you into sickness so they can sell you some magic pill quick fix chemical or other hideous concoctions which temporarily patch up one hole while blowing open 10 more holes ( as you can hear from their magic pill commercials.).  They hate God and mock Him with their sorcery pharmakia, while deceiving the world with this sorcery pharmakia Revelation 18 (see interlinear Greek Bible).   This cursed brood of vipers practicing their snake medicine makes sick, maims or kills, what was it, 15 million people a year according to their own stats and now they are heavily involved with exterminating the entire human race.  They have no business in healing, diseases or anything to do with health outside of emergency treatment and their brand of sorcery snake medicine should be BANNED globally.  All of these doctors need to be trained, that is, if their minds are recoverable from their corrupted training since even to this day is there an MD capable of understanding how to heal someone without causing them all sorts of other problems and troubles.

Back to the main topic… So what we need to do is believe God from the Bible about our words (you will be judged for every idle word)  and also God through many modern prophets that told us now for a long time that our words are critical.  See the Mark Taylor prophecies.  See Kat Kerr videos and posts.
Mike Thompson -see his new explanation on how your words of negativity, agreeing with the kingdom of darkness is messing everything up.

The Lord Yeshua explained to him how critical one’s words are and how people are listening to second heaven demons because they’re using their natural mindset of their spirit man mind.

Also go buy Kat Kerr’s “Copy Cat” CD ~ $6 on how the kingdom of darkness is able to create realistic seeming dreams, impersonating Jesus, taking you on fake Heaven & Hell visitations, showing you “alien worlds” and aliens and so on.   And yes: Whitney Huston, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams are in Heaven according to Kat.

Also Archangel Michael explains how mankind is messing the good things the angels are doing up by declaring negative things.

So speak life. Decree and declare te good things. Decree the good things you want to see. Decree God’s Word. Decree God’s will. Decree in the great awakening. Decree in the great harvest.  And don’t you dare ever again agree with the kingdom of darkness about ruin and instruction of this country. Doing so makes you a traitor to this country and the Kingdom of Heaven at this point in time, according to prophets.  You’ve had over 4 years on this topic.   In fact go review all Mark Taylor’s prophecies. Here we made a video that compiles always prophecies in one  with the read along words.

If you are watching fake news then that means you are agreeing with it, being influenced by it at this point then that means you are agreeing with the kingdom of darkness.  That puts you in the traitor category again technically speaking. Again I say this because of the various messages from various prophets regarding this topic. Make sure you go review Mark Taylor prophecies.

God can wave His Arm over the planet and fix everything all at once (as He mentioned in another prophecy). And many of us may think that sounds great. But then if we think a little more and then we realize, wait a minute if God did that then the whole point purpose of us being here to learn stuff in regards to how to rule and reign in the future, and to learn lessons for our soul, and to develop a close relationship with God because guess what? Relationships can grow in good times but they can grow even faster in bad times.  All of this huge opportunity would be gone.  And oh yeah, the Great Harvest!!  Look at the planet! Look how many people need to be born again, saved by the blood of the Lamb!    We’ve got a lot of awesome work to do!  Let’s get at it!

Additionally if you have the understanding of how eternal wealth is built you’ll realize that you have huge opportunities right now to build massive the eternal wealth. So be smart.   Build eternal wealth.  You are commanded to so in the Bible!

A lot of people are getting punkked by the kingdom of darkness with their dreams and their visions or through other’s dreams and visions. Or they think they’re extra smart and trying to figure out what’s going on in the world through their conscious mind which is the puny 40 bits per second processing capacity mind (i.e. persistent subconscious mind that process is 40 million bits per second) while trying to scare you so they can sell you survival food and tools. And regardless, this is spiritual stuff so you’re only going to be able to understand spiritual stuff in your spirit man, those of you who are born again from above into the family of God through Yeshua, God Son.

So start learning how to walk in the Spirit so you’ll be able to understand what’s going on. Plus we don’t have an option because we are commanded to walk in the Spirit. So those of us who haven’t totally figured it out yet we better get on this and get it figure it out so we’re only walking in the spirit and no longer walking in the flesh anymore.  Spending time with the Lord in his Word and  praying and conversing with the Lord, praying in tongues (as many many prophets have mentioned – see the Keven Zadai posts on this site) sounds like a good start.

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