Time is Up for Those Who Are Corrupt 11-17-2015 – Mark Taylor Action Plan for You to DO

Time is Up for Those Who Are Corrupt 11-17-2015 – Mark Taylor Action Plan for You to DO

  Know that God calls the USA “MY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

  • It has been mentioned through several prophets that God has established America as a gift for the world. And most certainly America has been a gift to the world in that 90% of the Gospel has gone out through United States of America. But we’re just getting warmed up on the Gospel message throughout the whole world.
  • Now it’s time to reach every living human soul on the planet with the Good News.  The Good News is that all peoples can have eternal life, be connected closely with God, get an opportunity to become a priest, lord then king, experience a wonderful joyous abundant wealth filled eternal life for billions and billions of years,  be filled with love and goodness, have unlimited good friends who do only good things and don’t cause trouble, have wonderful relationships, be filled with fun excitement and have incredible adventures for billions and billions of years to come through God the Son, Jesus. 
  • Because without Jesus no one comes back home to God the Father.  Yes I said “comes back” because you came from the Father, in Heaven to earth after God knit your spirit into this body and soul. Without the covering of the blood of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, you will not have the covering it takes to be able to exist in Heaven or the New Heaven or New Earth.  You need the technical covering of the blood of Jesus and you need to become born of God by fully and actually believing on Jesus that He, God the Son, came down to die for your sins and was raised from the grave back up to Heaven.   
  • Understand that we are going through the process of the “great separation” and all of reality is being cleaned out where God is separating out sin, iniquity and lawlessness from all of the universe, all the mess made by Lucifer. Make sure you are a sheep and not a goat.  Know the Father and the Son because that IS salvation.
  • Jesus is your Savior and the Savior of all reality, of the universe, making a way for all of reality to be able to be restored instead of being done away with. Otherwise all reality would have to be wiped out which would also there for negate the good things and good relationships God has had. Don’t forget, God doesn’t have to do anything.  He can do whatever He wants.  So remember that and take note of His goodness. 
  • So instead God established this plan where God the Son would come and become man like us, live a perfect life in the obedience to the scriptures, in obedience to God the Father and then die for our sins
  • Why wouldn’t anyone want to be saved?  Why wouldn’t anyone want Jesus as their Savior?  The problem is they are listening to lies and they are not listening to God.  Why not read God’s word instead? Why not talk to God directly instead?  But if you love a lie then you show  yourself not worthy to God.  If you’d rather have a lie vs the truth then that’s your separation point.  If you’re totally honest about things then you will recognize God and you will understand His Word.  Don’t be fooled.  Be honest.  Read the Bible. 
  • Satan wants your everlasting destruction.  Satan hates you.  He will tell you pleasant words and make promises to you.  He will tell you everything will be alright if you just follow him, if you just listen to him.  He will threaten you that if you don’t follow him, bad things will happen to you.  But all of his threats and promises are related to this life in the flesh.  Think smarter.  Think about what happens AFTER you die from this tiny life span in the flesh. Understand that this life in the flesh is a corrupted state!  We’re not supposed to have bliss and utopia in this life!  That’s for Heaven.  So don’t waste your time trying to maximize yourself in this life.  Obey God’s Word, the New Testament in particular in order to generate a mind blowing, incredible, blissful utopia for billions of years to come instead!
  • So if you’re concerned about what happens after you die, please just go talk to God your Maker, the One you KNOW is your Maker. Ask Him directly.  That’s what I did and it worked! He started doing so many of these mini miracles for me, impossible things that I knew could only be Him and shortly thereafter I was able to believe on Jesus for real.   That was a long time ago but it was an amazing experience. 
  • God is real and He will show you the Son.  Just ask God directly for help! This is very real for those of you who are confused because you’ve been listening to man (men and women), or even dark spirits literally whispering in your ears or popping bad thoughts into your head.  Forget them!  Talk to God.  It’s YOUR soul that’s on the line.  You become a winner. If others want to be losers for now that’s their choice.  You be a winner.  You deal with God one to One because that’s what salvation is all about.  Don’t afraid.  God loves you A LOT; and yes He actually loves you, yes even you… A TON.  That may sound shocking but hey, take it!  Now go talk to God.  He will hear you. 
  • So everyone who does not have the covering of their Maker, God the Son, One through Whom all the visible universe was made, will be separated out into eternal doom, the home of Sin and death into the Lake of Fire.  Sounds scary.  It is!  So pay attention!  It’s just what needs to happen or else the whole universe will be destroyed.  That said, Heaven and Earth will be replaced by the New Heaven and the New Earth but you will be retained.
  • Satan almost destroyed you except that God stepped in and stopped it.  Reports say countless attempts at starting a nuk war have been thwarted for example.  You probably have been following real news and know what’s been going on.
  • Evil is like cancer, it will keep on going and growing, killing and destroying unless it is cut out or separated out.  Sin is a creature as mentioned in Genesis.  It must be locked up.  And since all beings were created to be eternal and not possible to be destroyed then they have to be locked up if they are not redeemed by the blood of Jesus. 
  • It’s time to stop “playing around” with religious philosophy and man-made ideas.   Mankind must sober up, wake up and realize that this short life span is a very serious thing and we need to do what God says. We need to understand that God cares for us but all of reality must go through this process, otherwise, like antimatter to matter,  everything will be destroyed.  So therefore God must cleanse sin, evil out of the universe and out of all reality. 
  • So do what God says and “stop thinking”. Stop thinking with the weak and puny conscious mind.  Stop listening to the Kingdom of Darkness because in their inverse world of sin and death, they crave your destruction.  Obey the New Testament and produce fruit that proves it.

Start Working with the Host of Heaven Right Away – Get Your Own Army

It’s Time for You to Meet the Host of Heaven and Work With Heaven’s Army

More Interesting Information on Transformers 13 Original Primes and Angelic Host Secrets

  1. The Transformer movies, toys and cartoon series are modeled after the Host Angles many of which are giant transforming creatures with 18 eyes and can transform into weapons, ships and all sorts of creative powerful things.  Remember God is the Master Creator and He makes really neat creations!  
  2. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon:  You can repent on behalf of a territory. Let’s say your area did some bad things or is currently doing bad things, you can repent or confess rather for the sake of the territory to take back ground from the Enemy, according to Mark Taylor. You may be able to find his videos online about this if you search for repenting for a territory.   Actually he put out an audio book on Sid Roth program about this: https://sidroth.Org/television/tv-archives/mark-taylor-mary-colbert/      and here is the Audio I found https://sidroth.Org/store/products/trump-prophecies-book-code-9508/
  3. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Decrees and Declarations:  See Kat Kerr materials.  She does training on this.  https://www.Katkerr.Com/  https://www.Revealingheaven.Com/   Decree and declare a thing in the Name of Jesus. 
  4. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon:  Expose evil, what is called evil in the Word of God (not fake evil where those following after Lucifer call good bad and bad good)  Social media.  Blogs.  Word of mouth.  Books.  Videos.  Audios.  Advertising etc.
  5. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Witness to others to help grow the Kingdom, save souls and get others to join God’s Army.  Teach them Jesus commands, since that’s is our job.
  6. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Teach other’s to join God’s Army and teach them their new spiritual weaponry.
  7. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Preach the Word or just read the Word to others. Teach people how to make Jesus their One and Only Teacher and Lord.  Teach people how to be taught by God and How to be led by God. Don’t try to be people’s leader, teacher or lord.  Send them over to Jesus.  We do not have the ability to be anyone’s teacher, leader or lord even moment by moment.  If you’re “teaching” someone the Word of God all you can do is reveal a layer or the layers of understand that have been revealed to you.  Don’t lie and make stuff up as many have done in the past.  If you don’t know then just tell people to ask God like they are commanded to do from the New Testament.  Give people that 666 Sins of the Bible list from our site and tell them to understand what these sins are and to stop believing in those sins, stop believing that those sins are ok or good to do or something they can get away with doing.  For if you believe in these sins then you are making Satan your lord because those sins are his commands.  And then go onto Jesus commands of the New Testament: understand those and install those as your beliefs which will turn into your habits of action.  When you do that then you are obeying Jesus which then therefore makes Jesus your Lord.   Now you’ll have the foundation to be able to do GREAT things for and with God for the Kingdom of Heaven & you’ll be able to bear A LOT of fruit.
  8. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon:  Get strategic.  Develop plans to overtake territories for the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit realm and the physical realm. Develop strategic plans for sending the Host.  Remember how the Kingdom of Darkness, and their human followers has been and will continue to be working secretly strategic against you!  They scooped up almost all the worlds wealth through their scheming.  They took over almost every country until God stepped in.  And they were about to chop your head off with a guillotine while harvesting your organs.  So wake up.  This is a real battle.  This is not a game. People’s eternal life is on the line and that’s an extremely serious thing.  Go watch some Hell visitation testimonies and you’ll wake up for sure about the reality of eternity.
  9. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Get legal.  Go after the scams, lies and fraud of the enemy.  Fight in the courts against the enemy.  And fight the enemy in the Courts of God. 
  10. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon:   Take back the pillars of society from the Kingdom of Darkness for the Kingdom of Heaven:  the government, the laws, the schools, the media in all forms: Internet, TV, Radio, Movies, Music, News, Magazines etc.
  11. Another Army of God Strategy and Weapon: Expose false doctrines and false religions.  But you better make sure you know the Word of God well or else the enemy will be able to use the Word against you.  And do not go after other doctrines or religions based on your organization’s man made doctrines but based on the ENTIRE Word of God instead otherwise you’ll make a mess and get yourself into a lot of trouble. 

  Know that God says BHO has evil and corrupt ideologies and theologies

  • BHO  will be exposed shortly as of this typing and October 2018 for the world to see.

  Know that God stripped BHO’s power.

  • Different prophets mentioned this as well at the time that BHO’s  abilities would be cut short otherwise he could have done a lot more damage.

  Know that God calls BHO a lying, deceitful thief.

  • BHO  is not doing well in God’s eyes. Repent BHO. Stop, drop and roll on over submitting yourself to Jesus as Lord, if you want to live eternally. 

  Know that God says “Time is up for those who are corrupt!”

  • We are seeing judgment and systematic cleanup of the corrupt being executed throughout the United States and the world.   But wait there’s more!  The church is next!   Church leaders, you better be scrambling after God at this point no matter how much good you have done or think you have done.  It doesn’t matter, in the sense that you need to get on God’s new agenda.  
  • We have entered a new age which is called the Kingdom Age.  You should know this by now. The old will be replaced with the new.  Do not hold on to your denominational doctrines.   Seek God’s will.   Find out what God is saying. Know God so you can recognize His voice through the prophets.    Don’t let ministerial work choke off your intimate relationship with God.  Do less.  Because when judgment comes to the church it’s a very serious thing and I would love for you to succeed and thrive bearing tons of fruit into this new Kingdom Age.  There is such a HUGE opportunity for you to gain extreme eternal wealth.  So you need to be open-minded and flexible to God and beware of religious doctrines and their strongholds that block you from hearings God’s voice directly.  So be bold and break through out of the old into the new.  Talk to God and listen.  Don’t be afraid.  He cares for you.  You know that but make sure you KNOW that.
  • It’s time for all to KNOW the Bible extremely well and not just know about the Bible (especially preachers and teachers).  
  • It’s time for you to know how to witness personally and then train your congregation how to witness to expert levels.  
  • It’s time to get your congregation to take over territories in your area through witnessing, repentance for the area, prayer, decreeing and declaring, releasing the anointing, walking holy, doing good works, bearing lots of fruit and commanding the Host.  And this time to make sure that there’s no sin in your life or your Ministry.  Get things cleaned up fast.   Discover Jesus Commandments of the New Testament and start turning those into your habits which will then turn Jesus’ sayings into your beliefs,  thereby making Him your Lord, Master and Teacher. 

  Know that God says He will begin to remove those who stand for evil and who stand in the way of His agenda.

  1. Know what God’s agenda is so you can make sure you harmonizing with Him while making sure you are not messing up. 
  2. Don’t mess with God. Take what God says seriously through His prophets and put it into action. 

  Know that God says Judges, Senators, Congressmen and women of all kinds even in the local, state and federal lines will be replaced.

  • That has been happening and we’ll go soon into full speed after the Supreme Court gets set and Mid Term Elections are over. 

  Know that God says The Supreme Court will be reformed. 

  • The 2nd Supreme Court Justice was just confirmed.
    Then three more will by appointed by Donald Trump.  3 current justices will be caught in a scandal and will be forced to resign according to what Mark Taylor has mentioned on an interview.   Our land will be transformed into a righteous land in the model for the world. 

  Know that God says The Supreme Court was said to have corrupt and evil ways.

  1. The corruption will be exposed.  Righteous judgement will return to the land.

  Know that God says that He will remove some and expose the back door deals of Supreme Court  justices that have been in play.

  1. As mentioned, 3 more judges will be exposed for their corruption and will be removed, probably pretty soon.

  Know that God says The USA, God’s America,  will be the launching platform for the Harvest,  the Great Harvest for 1 billion Souls. 

  • So if the Great Harvest of all mankind is 1 billion souls and what about 6 billion Plus others?   That would mean that the majority of people still won’t get right with God their Maker but will continue on to follow self as god or some other god.  
  • So maybe it’s as hard to get into Heaven as the Bible says. Or people are too lazy to read the Bible and do what the New Testament says?    Also just because one is in a Christian religion does not mean at all that you are following God or have gotten right with Him. 
  • Just do what the New Testament says, all of it, and you’ll do well. So don’t be confused by man and their doctrines any more. 
  • As a suggested start reading the New Testament 12 Times a Year -see our 12 Times a Year Volume Reading Plan from our website. 
  • Salvation is through making Jesus your Lord and making Jesus your Lord means to obey Him.  How do you obey Jesus? You do every verse stated in a command Style or an implied command style from the New Testament, turning them into your beliefs which then turns them into your habits. All the instruction you need is right there in the New Testament, even telling you how to follow & obey Jesus in real time.
  • And as one of the commands say:  walk in the Spirit thereby following Jesus in real time having the Lord guide your life even moment-by-moment through the Spirit of God, through your new man, your spirit man. When you finally turn over to letting the Spirit of God guide you then life starts becoming wonderful.  And when you starting seeking God to teach you so you can advance rapidly in your relationship with God. And if you allow God or ask God to become your Teacher in ALL  things, skills, performance ability and so on, from my experience, you will advanced rapidly to amazing levels.  God is the BEST Teacher in all things!  Just start talking to Him and listening.   And I speak from recent amazing experience!
  • Read the New Testament and do what the New Testament says because those are your complete instructions on how to get into Heaven.  Don’t trust man. Don’t put your trust in man. Don’t depend on a pastor or minister to do everything for you.  (Don’t try to put the burden of being your lord on your poor pastor! Understand that he’s just a man so give him a break and stop criticizing and judging him too. If he’s in error go talk to him about it without accusing, without being in a negative emotion like hate.  Love him instead; pray for him and bless him.)
  • You work on your own relationship with God and become a contributing presence in your congregation.  Become a problem solver and don’t be a problem maker.  Become a peace and joy maker not a source of strife and grief. Don’t put your trust in religious doctrines or denominational doctrines. Don’t put your trust in family even. Obey God over your family.  Obey God over man. 
  • Yet don’t turn mankind or your family into an enemy or be offended by them in the process.  Stop being offended at things and throw out offense; offense only causes you lots and lots of trouble. 
  • Remember that if you don’t forgive people that offend you then God won’t forgive you.   Yikes! If you don’t have forgiveness that’s really really bad. So how about this:  let’s stop getting offended at things. 
  • So I guess we need to give up our pride, be meek and think of others better than ourselves, as already commanded. 
  • Do what your Daddy says! And don’t put your trust in what you “think” is right or should I say what you are guessing is right. There is a way that seems right to a man but ends in destruction… And certainly don’t put your trust in your heart in terms of the emotions of your flesh heart. Do what you know is right, not what you feel is right. Trust God.  Trust God with all of your hear and do not lean on your own understanding.  Believe what He says and do what He says. Don’t follow man.  Don’t try to please people; it’s a trap that gets you into all sorts of trouble, that gets you into all sorts of sin.  You’ll realize this when you start observing yourself when you try to please people. Don’t follow the crowd.  Remember that the broad path, the easy way of the herd goes into the pit.  Realize that you’ll be tested over and over as the Kingdom of Darkness will throw everything they can at you, things that you cannot even imagine at this point.  So realize it’s super important to know the Word.  
  • And aggressively make sure you’ll have eternal life, for the spiritually violent take the Kingdom by force.  The spiritually violent which are the spiritually violent against the Kingdom of Darkness workers who are trying to trick you into eternal destruction in the spirit realm, in the “thought realm”;  have no toleration for them whatsoever. And remember our war is not against others in the flesh but against the Kingdom of Darkness.  So on that note fellow humans, it’s time to stop fighting each other and unite under Christ to CRUSH the Kingdom of Darkness off of this planet.

  Understand that America will be a light to the world once again.

  1. Get in the game USA’ers.  You have HUGE opportunity for eternal success.   But get yourself holy first.  Know the sins of the Bible (see the list of 666 Sins of the Bible on our site to start uninstalling from your soul).   Obey Jesus’ commands (see the lists on TheCommandsofJesus.Com and start walking holy producing fruit, becoming the 4th seed.

  Understand that God will clean up that which is the darkest in America.

  • Acknowledge, thank and give glory to God for doing these things as they happen. Let’s not just recognize man but give glory, thanks, praise and acknowledgement to God. There’s a lot of talking out there but not a lot of recognition and admission that God already said He would do these things while not giving God the credit.  Give thanks and praise for all of these things that He is doing for us so generously and kindly. Because if God did not step in we would have been wiped out. So give God the credit.  Give God the Glory.  Tell people it’s God that has been doing this and that will help wake them up.

  Know that God says to fear not America because your greatest days are ahead of you.

  • Fear not. Don’t have anything to do with the emotional realm of the Kingdom of Darkness.   Do not allow negative emotions to dwell within you or upon you whatsoever. Negative emotions have negative frequencies which destroy and they also attract like negative thoughts of like frequencies which can cause you to execute evil destructive actions, sin. 

  God tells his Army to rise and fight and watch what God does for them. 

  1. Who is God’s Army? Well you have the Host of Heaven, super weaponized transforming Army Angels but this is written to us. So therefore, those who would have an interest in hearing this word, these prophecies, making sure they do what these prophecies say could be called the Army of God  This would mean that the army of God knows who they are since they would have the sense to tune into these prophecies and obey God. How do you fight in God’s Army?
    1. Repent of your own sins first reprogramming your mind to follow the commands of Jesus instead of the commands of Satan.  Go download that list of 666 Sins of the Bible and start there systematically understanding and uninstalling each sin from your soul, from your belief structure in every way, shape or form.  You can’t be effective if you have unrepentant sin in your life or if you’re sinning and don’t even realize that you are sinning.
    2. Start commanding Host of Heaven Army Angels to fight on your behalf. See this post for the instructions. (or look  up “Kat Kerr Host” on Youtube or similar searches).  You have to ask God to be able to start. Follow the instructions on what to say that Kat gives you.  Kat is a prophetess who visits Heaven, daily. She has been given a lot of information and everything I’ve heard from lines up with the Bible.  Just remember that you are the one who has all power over all the power of the enemy, not the Host Angels, so before you send the Host anywhere you need to declare that you take power over all power of the enemy, that you bind the Enemy’s power and that you strip their power over a specific thing or territory or person or organization.  THEN you send the Host to go attack and destroy everything of the enemy including the severing of strongholds, the trashing of platforms, the destroying of their building structures in spirit realm dimension, while exposing the enemies deeds, plots, plans and trickery and so on, to throw the enemy out into a dry place, to shred the enemy by putting them out of commission since they cannot repair like the Host can.    Listen to Kat. She’s the expert on how to command The Host as trained directly by God the Father.  There are billions of the Kingdom of Darkness workers.  But there are more with us than are with them.

    3. Before sending out the Host coordinate with God on the correct and prudent and strategic instructions on how and where to send the Host Army Angels.  We want to stay in line with the chain of command up through to the Head, the Lord Jesus. Sending the Host is highly effective!  The more you send the Host the more Host Army Angels you get to send. The more often you send them and the bigger of scope projects you send them on,  I would guess that you would get even more Host Angels to send.  Kat Kerr has mentioned that she was given 80 million Host Army Angels to command  since she sends them a lot.  You would start out with 100.   Understand that the Kingdom of Darkness workers numbers, as I’ve heard is up in the billions. But when you get started with the Host understand that you need to keep going with them.   Don’t leave them hanging.   Don’t let them get bored.  They’ve been waiting for this for a long time with no battle.  They are fierce warriors and war machines.   Help them fulfill their destinies and their purpose.  Allow them to use the amazing skills and weaponry that God has designed into them. Send them on journey’s and assignments that will make  the Transformers chronicles look like nothing in comparison.  Remember that in part or in full, the Host were created for us so we can have an Army as we rule and reign with Christ.  Jesus, God doesn’t need an army or any protection, as He reminded one prophet. Understand who the Host are. Check out these posts. 

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