Tim Sheets Has the Right Attitude!

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Tim Sheets Has the Right Attitude! – In My Opinion 🙂

  • So … we we’re punk’d by the sons of Satan to who we are. Most Christians don’t have a clue who we, they are.  I keep hearing them support the sons of Satan, the enemy of humanity, the usurpers of the name and land of Israel.  Well, there’s a lot to learn.  I guess we all need to learn in our own progression  I guess sometimes we expect prophets to know everything there is to know when that’s just not fair, nor is that their role.  We each have our own role.  Yet, come on, we need to think a bit more logically.  Let’s look at cause and effect.  Let’s look at the fruit on the tree. 
  • Here’s a good one:  lets’ read our Bible’s over and over and over so we start to get a knowing of the Bible, so we can better differentiate what’s of God and what’s not.  Knowing the Father and the Son is salvation.  Knowing about the Father and Son is not salvation.  Through volume reading of the Bible you start to get a better knowing of the Father and the Son, Holy Spirit too, layer by layer by layer by layer.   Think about this:  your friends, or your girlfriends/boyfriends, or your spouse… how did you get to know them over time?  By spending time with them, talking, listening, doing things together, by communicating, by hanging out.   So instead of just lecturing you and scolding you like we all tend to incessantly hear I’ll GIVE you a solution, an exact solution to get this done in a powerful way, with the inspired starting goal of reading the Bible 3 times a year plus the secrets of volume learning taught to me by a long time principle musician in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra:

Volume Bible Reading Plans – Free Downloads – Be Taught by God Directly Instead of Getting Confused by Man – Download These FREE:  It Really Works!


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