Thousands of Muslims are Seeing “Glowing Jesus” as Kingdom Rises Against Kingdom

Thousands of Muslims are Seeing “Glowing Jesus” as Kingdom Rises Against Kingdom

Here is a very interesting article & website from another corner of the world that ties a lot of countries and significant level intelligence access reports. Their reporting has been very accurate about many things over time with very interesting perspective how other nations, churches view end times events.   Since they have some very unique perspective and information access we may start using it more in our reports.

There is more to this article.  Please read it below.  See what’s going on behind the scenes; it’s mind blowing!

As you see from this article we have most certainly entered the period as Kat Kerr talks a lot about as told to her by God in her thousands of Heaven visits, that we are now in the Kingdom Age where “Kingdom will rise against Kingdom” but the Kingdoms are the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.     Now we see this literally manifesting in our 3D physical realm as countries position themselves to try and save the Earth from the Kingdom of Darkness.  Super interesting and super fascinating stuff and we are so fortunate to experience this time!

And check this part out below about now now Jesus’ appearance to Muslims which we heard from many ministers were up in the thousands, is now being brought to news sites.   USA corrupt Kingdom of Darkness media has been covering this up.   But you can go to Youtube and find tons of testimonies of Jesus physically and powerfully appearing to individual Muslims who were trapped in religious bondage (and I know how that feels although it wasn’t the moon system but the sun system I was trapped under).

By prophecy of Kim Clement, I believe it was Kim or another prophet:  The Lord will start appearing to top Muslim leaders across the planet who will then go on to reveal the truth about Jesus and about their religion .  That is so awesome.


Though as of yet this ancient “Christian artifact” has yet to be found, this report continues, fears are rapidly growing among “satanic elements” within the United States and Sunni Muslim world of its “power”—and as demonstrated by reports flooding in throughout the Levant of Muslim peoples saying a glowing Jesus” has visited them, and tens-of-thousands of these peoples, also, now turning to Christianity—and as evidenced by aid workers in this region reporting: Jesus is moving in these Middle East nations. Many there are disillusioned and broken and just want to know the truth. Now more than ever there is a harvest among Muslims that has not been seen in history.”


See this article for more info

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