This Nephilim Connection is REALLY Making Sense

This Nephilim Connection is REALLY Making Sense

UPDATED:  See Kevin Zadai video for a better explanation:

(NOTE:  this is an OLD post):

The signs are EVERYWHERE!

What signs?

The fallen angel role and the restoration of the Nephilim.   What?  Yes.  Fallen angels play a large role in end times.  But now I see they play a much larger role than most anyone considered.  It is important for you to understand what’s going on.  Plus end times event and reasons will start to become very clear and make a lot of sense!  Events of the past and why God sent the flood or wiped out entire populations to clear the land for Israel will make sense.

Humanity Corrupted by Fallen Angel Seed and Satan’s Genetic Experiments

God must protect the Seed.  Man was made in God’s image.  After Satan was thrown down to Earth, actually the 2nd heaven, he and his fallen angels started to toy with humanity with genetic experiments, trying to make man in Satan’s image.   Well even before that, the 200 watchers fell into lust and starting mating with human women which gave rise to the Nephilim, giants as mentioned in the Bible many times.

  • Giants got as tall as 450 feet!  Those were recorded as the “Titans” in green mythology.
  • Giant’s in David’s day (who later became King David of Israel) were 9 to 15 feet (Goliath, Og)
  • Skeletal remains have been found across the Earth
  • Strange skulls found
  • Depiction of half man half beast hybrids are recorded throughout time (i.e. the half man / half horse) once thought myth, now considered to by a fallen angel genetic experiment or Nephilim

Let’s turn our attention to some new Fall TV shows:

  1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D – What’s the central theme of the series this year?  (and last year?)  Humans, call “Inhumans” have altered DNA where as when activated my special “Taragon crystals” – the Inhuman obtains super powers or turns into a animal / human hyrid.
  2. The FLASH – just saw the new preview on TV talking about “A portal was opened”
  3. Russia actually recently issued a MILITARY warning in preparation for the invasion of the fallen angels, while detailing fallen angel involvement with Hitler in World War ii.  INSANE!  Check this out

What’s going on here that you need to be aware of regarding the massive role of the fallen angels in the end times as mentioned in Revelation and detailed in the Book of Enoch (Bible referenced supportive book):  Here are the concepts:

  1. The fallen angels will be used heavily in end times events
  2. Apollyon, the king of the Bottomless Pit will be released to kill 1/3 of man kind along with altered human Nephilim.  Apollyon is also considered Nimrod of old (Esau cut off his head!).  Nimrod, Osiris, Apollyon  (goes my many names) will raise from the dead and will be the “man of sin”.  This story line also coordinates with the 12th Imam – the expected “Mahdi” – Islam’s savior.  (Understand Islam’s prophecies are all INVERSE of the Bible’s.  Their version of Jesus is the false prophet.  They will directly support everything Antichrist related.
  3. Fallen angels are Immortal creatures – so when they mix with humans, they create a  hybrid and an immortal creature.
  4. The mark of the best is not considered a ploy to alter the DNA of humans into hybrid, Nephilim.  This is why all those who receive the mark of the beast have a. no forgiveness since they are now not even human  b. are thrown alive into the lake of fire.

More to come on this report…

Some pictures of the Nephilim from around the web:

NEPHILIMskull nephilim-skelleton- nephilim-giant nephilim-elongated-skulls-different-skull-plates nephilim-alien-skull nephilim_4-remains giants giant-nephilim-skelleton-found

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