The WHO The World Health Organization Snake Medicine Pharmakia Plans to Deceive the Nations Hidden in Their Logo

Snake Medicine = Deceptive Medicine with their Fake “Treatments” – Patch Up the Symptoms While Creating Multiple New Problems in You – Hide The Cures – Terminate the Healers Who Actually Get Results in Solving Health Problems – Trick You into Thinking the Trojan Horse of Vaccines are a Viable Effective Health Solution when Arguably all it is, is a Sorcery Based Trojan Horse to Set You Up for Your Population Control Extermination….

Snake Medicine Hates Things of God, Hates Natural Things, Twists and Poisons Natural Things that Work Well With Your Body, Slanders and Falsely Accuses Natural Things, Treats Foods and Herbs Like they Are Only Good for Weak Herbal Tea or Fake Chemical Loaded “Herbal Shampoo”…

Wake up! You’re in war world. You’re not supposed to ever get comfy here.  Friends of the world are enemies of God. You’re job is to overcome this world not succumb to it!  Obey the New Testament and Be Saved from this Ultimate Eternal testing zone!

Never mind what they, The WHO, the World “Health” Organization, say their logo is: They work for Satan, like literally:  That’s common knowledge.  The UN works for Satan.  That’s common knowledge.

Look at their logo below. It is accurate in what they do:

1. Snake medicine. Where the term “snake oil” comes from too. As you see, standard kingdom of darkness practice is to accuse others of the wrong they are doing. It’s also a tendency of humans in general as Apostle Paul mentioned in that when we judge others we are essentially pointing out what we see in ourselves.

2. A Dagger that stabs the heart of the world.
3. Snake medicine strangles the world a. you see a very obvious example with COVID-19 b. Through their Pharmakia they deceive the world Revelations 18. c. they look to choke off the world unto it’s death with their fake medicine that can’t cure a thing but does create multiple new problems in you d. they look to depopulate you.  They want to bring in their ‘six root race’ Lucifer scam. They sold out to Lucifer although many probably got sucked into it and now are compromised as is pretty common knowledge now.
4. They come in the name of peace, rather under the guise of peace to destroy you and your family. Their goal is to kill off all the humans that are in the image and likeness of God or to turn you into hybrids and or cyborgs so they can control you which means you would also no longer be human, therefore irredeemable like most of the world in the days of Noah. Or they will alter your DNA like they did to most of the world besides Noah’s family in the days of Noah making them irredeemable.




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