The Vaccinated Are a Public Health Threat That Will Be Removed from Society? Check This Out

The Vaccinated with their Covid-19 Vaccines and Boosters Have Become a Toxic, Smelly ABOMINATION Where Every They Go.  Their Hideous Shedding Even Clouds Up the Outdoors in Neighborhoods

Different People Have Somewhat Different Shedding Clouds and A Lot of People Have that Same Toxic Scent that has Some Similarity to Bad Smelling, Chemical Smelling Toxic Feeling Chemical Air Freshener.

Can’t Even Go Outdoors When These People Are Around Because their Toxic Cloud Which Lights Up a Red Flag of Evil and Toxicity Strong Warning Signals by my Physical Body Every Time I Get a Spec of that Scent.  See Article Below.  These People Are  THREAT TO ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET and Need to Be Moved to Another Planet

These selfish people, who have been shown the incompetency of allopathic MD medicine, their drugs and their vaccines for years as a warning, (AND ALL VACCINES ARE FAKE TROJAN HORSES – And Former Vaccine Developer Dr. Judy Mikovitz says never ever take another vaccine, ever) , in addition to having so many people tell them over and over and over DO NOT TAKE THE VAX, while on top of that, not even considering looking at what was in it or what it would do to the body have PUT ALL HUMANITY AT RISK! 

These wicked people chose to follow and obey the Devil’s children, the devil’s actual biological offspring, the tares, the descendants of Cain, instead of following and obeying Jesus.  They refused to honor the ways of God, His creations, His foods, His methods, His laws and His systems of things.

The Mark of the Beast concept has been preached for DECADES and you still chose to get the Mark of the Beast! 

If you honor God’s ways, His creations, His foods, His methods, His laws and His systems of things, you will rarely get sick, if ever.  How do the greatest known healers outside of the realm of miracles reverse every disease name condition you’ve ever heard of?  By REPETNTING and honoring God’s ways, His creations, His foods, His methods, His laws and His systems of things.


  • On top of that, did you know that you are not human anymore? You’re a different species.
  • Those who survive will become cyborgs for Evil AI and will be TERMINATED by the rising Sons of God particularly after this 1000 years of peace. (Well, according to cosmic historian Ismael Perez, which sounds logical Biblically and interesting)
  • If if this is not the actual Mark of the Beast (although it was certainly intended to be) you better hurry up and get right with Jesus, get right with God through Jesus.  The concept of “Died Suddenly” is more pressing than ever if you are Vaxx’d as Evil AI Antichrist is slowly building up and taking over your body.  See our right side menu on how to repent:  you can use that model prayer of salvation – but you have to be very serious when talking to God and Jesus with your mind and heart when you pray it.  Anyone can “die suddenly” but you have a bio weapon in you designed to either make you die more suddenly or eventually as the Evil AI parasite builds out through you then chokes you out as the host.  Also there has been mentioned of the Evil AI’s ability to trap your soul.  Only God can save you. REPENT IMMEDIATELY. 


(Natural News) Is it possible as an unvaccinated person to become contaminated with covid chemicals through exposure to others who have been jabbed? The answer is yes, according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

In a recent interview with Action Canada’s Tanya Gaw, McCullough discussed the risks that covid “vaccinated” people pose to the “unvaccinated.” In a nutshell, he likened the situation to non-smokers inhaling the second-hand smoke of smokers.

Citing a paper recently published in the TMR journal Infectious Diseases Research, McCullough shared details about how messenger RNA (mRNA) can transfer from the fully jabbed to the unjabbed since these chemicals persist in the blood for at least two weeks – and likely much longer – post-injection.

Another study recently published found that mRNA remains in the lymph nodes of the fully jabbed for months, which further backs McCullough’s claims. There is also another recent medical study that McCullough called the “most disturbing” that shows mRNA poisons can transfer from breast milk to babies.


“It seems the body can’t clear it,” McCullough stated soberly. (Related: McCullough faces losing his medical license for breaking the script on covid.)

Do mRNA poisons stay in the body permanently? McCullough thinks so

If an unvaccinated person gets close to a vaccinated person, either through sexual activity or even just kissing, the so-called “vaccine” can transfer through this route as well.

It is currently unknown how long an unvaccinated person should wait before engaging in this type of contact with a vaccinated person. In McCullough’s estimation, these poisons could remain for years, or maybe even permanently, making the fully jabbed an indefinite public health risk.

“This is very disturbing,” McCullough stated.

Early on in the “pandemic,” McCullough advised that the unvaccinated should wait at least a month before having close contact with someone who got jabbed for the Fauci Flu. Now he has bumped that to 90 days or more.

After each shot, mRNA accumulates even more “with no ability for the body to get rid of it,” McCullough maintains.

“It looks like they permanently install into the human genome through what we call reverse transcription,” he explained.

In other words, mRNA poisons reprogram human genes and turn a person, it seems, into a non-human automaton with strange, foreign DNA. At best, mRNA turns the fully vaccinated into fully transhuman beings that look human but that have non-human genetic blueprints.


Autopsies of deceased fully jabbed bodies show the presence of this altered genetic material throughout the vital organs. This, McCullough says, is proof all on its own.

“So I can tell you everyone who’s taken the vaccine has this material in their brain, their heart, adrenal glands, reproductive organs,” McCullough said. “It’s really a terrible thought. My heart goes out to anyone taking the vaccine, yeah.”

You can watch the interview between Gaw and McCullough at the RAIR Foundation website.

“If a war is to be fought, it’s with this NWO (New World Order) fascist system,” wrote a commenter in response to McCullough’s claims and revelations. “They are already at war with us.”

Source    Liked Shared by John F. Kennedy Jr on his AmericanPatriot channel


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