The Shocking Secret of Why Christians Have Been a Sinning Mess Across the World Discovered

There is a new “conspiracy” that has been exposed.  These conspiracy lies deep withing main stream Christian denominations and religions.

And since most people on the planet are too, well, lazy or whatever you want to call it to read their Bibles, the whole Bible over and over, they’ve been easily duped by the Kingdom of Darkness. They have no idea what God actually demands. They have no idea the extreme love that God has for them but He also wants that extreme love in return. Hey, this is a marriage we’re talking about – we’re to marry God. Yes think about that for a while and forget the whole man/woman in the flesh thing while you’re doing so but think spiritually and personally).

We were warned of the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.  But how many people actually even know what that is?  Right because if you knew what these 2 yeast infections were you’d not get scammed, taken by them.  Unfortunately the stakes are extremely high and the penalty for getting one of these “yeast infections” is eternal damnation.  Yikes!

I’ve found the “hidden mystery” (right under our noses which should not be hidden but has been for most) of what it takes to make Jesus Lord, which according to Romans 10:10 IS salvation. Justification and becoming born from above comes from a real belief in the heart. But salvation comes THROUGH OBEDIENCE obeying Jesus’s commands from the Word and obeying moment by moment direction in the Spirit.

Some just say ‘all you need to do is believe…’ implying that belief is just some sort of special emotional state that you only do once through a sinners prayer. But wait a minute, what does believing on Jesus really mean? Believing on Jesus would also imply a full belief which means that if we believe in Jesus, we also believe Him and we would also believe what He says to do. Jesus says He is your Lord, that you need to make Him your Lord if you want to be saved and owned by Him. (Whoever owns you comes for you after this life in the flesh). So if He says to do something and we’re claiming Him as Lord then we better do what He says. Also that goes with “Why do you call me Lord Lord and don’t do what I say”.

Some may be confused what Jesus commands actually mean. Some may feel confused what the Lord wants them to do. But here is the “secret key” to understanding what the Lord is telling you to do and how to do it: it’s called “faith” or even better, “trust”. When you personally TRUST the Lord then that communication channel opens up and you can hear His voice whether through a transfer of thought or hear the sound of His voice from your insides. Remember this! Think about what trust means. Think about the trusting relationships (that were good) even back to childhood friendships. Remember how to have a relationship that uses trust. It’s an awesome thing. Imputing trust to someone is very powerful. Now do so with the Lord.

So… I’ve found that what coordinates everything together to be an actually successful Christian and to actually seem like a Christian to other believers and especially the world. The secret is…. Do what Jesus says, His sayings, aka His “Commands” of the New Testament and turn them into my habits. Strive to master Jesus’ commands over time and you will become a powerful and appreciated Christian, child of God.

So i found that any verse stated in the New Testament, in a command style or an implied command style, is a command of Jesus! Since the apostles were commanded to go teach all of Jesus’ commands to the world in Matthew 28:19-20 and the apostles wrote the New Testament, then what the New Testament is, is the teaching of Jesus commands! The whole New Testament is the stating and teaching of Jesus’ commands! So I actually started doing Jesus’ commands looking to turn them into my habits (putting His sayings into practice). And lo and behold, people around me who know me were shocked – I went from “jerk to super good guy” (sister said that lol), from mess to walking pretty well and I’ve started bearing fruit all over the place. And by knowing Jesus’ commands I have found the MEAT of the Word, now able to differentiate right from wrong pretty well. I can tell what’s from a demonic influence vs. what’s of God much better and with good accuracy.

Plus now by knowing Jesus’ Commands, ALL of the verses in the New Testament now come together and make sense. It works. I’m finally winning vs being a chump Christian as I was the past. And it’s so simple. This is all plainly written in the Bible.

So let’s stop “interpreting” the Bible and accept the Bible for what the Bible says. Believe in God yes. And believe God too! Believe that God says what He means and means what He says.

Understand that we receive understanding from God which we get by pursuing Him in conversation and by the reading of the Bible over and over. Anyways before i go off on another tangent :-)) That’s it for that. Identifying and purposefully installing Jesus commands into by soul has made me an actual doer of the Word. I have more to go for mastery or a concept of mastery but I’ve made a lot of progress. Can I get an Amen!? :-))

P.S. See the menu to the right on our website to see the 666 Sins to UNinstall from your soul and to see the list of Jesus’ commands to INstall into your soul. Do so if you want to make Jesus your Lord and get into Heaven.

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