The Rise of the Children

Here is a very young girl, hmm I’m guessing 4 years old?   But listen to her.  She explains with her outter voice and her inner voice how to get into Heaven.  

She makes the Good News make sense.  We need more kid preachers.  The adults need help these days!

Also a side note: 

Just listened to a story about a little girl talking with her baby sister, infant baby sister,  I guess with the inner voice…   

Firstly Kat Kerr  says that in Heaven you’ll be able to communicate with others telepathically. 

Secondly, Kat Kerr also says that we are spirits that come out of God the Father’s belly that are sent to Earth to be knitted into a soul and a physical body. So therefore she also says that we were in Heaven inside God for a quite a while and many of us probably played with each other as little kid spirits (or something like that you have to listen to Kat’s  many recordings to get the details.)  so when we meet someone  where it feels like we’ve known them before,  we actually may have known them before…  – Pretty mind-blowing!

We had to ask God for permission to come here and we probably told Him or promised Him that we would come here to help fix things, teach everyone the right way and bring God glory (or something like that).   So as we are sent here and become little babies we may still have some memory of God and Heaven,  or at least what it was like living inside of God.

So I was listening to this health tips video and his fellow went on to explain this story about how a little girl asked her mom if she can talk privately to her infant sister alone. The mom said, “of course honey” but of course listened from around the corner.   So the little girl went to talk to the infant baby.  She said, “baby, can you tell me about God again I’m about to forget…”

When I heard that that was pretty amazing.  That also makes me wonder if we have a certain knowing of God in heaven maybe we can access if we just turn off our low grade, earth realm, conscious mind for a while and operate in the Spirit.

Also Kat  has mentioned that the really young and the kids being born going forward we’re going to become more and more powerful in spirit or something like that.   Well  we’re seeing that with this story I just mentioned.  

We’re seeing that with this video of this little,  what four year old or so girl,  giving a powerful explanation of the Gospel.   I’m saying this with  my interaction with younger kids over the past  few years,  from young age through teenager, I guess born after the year 2000 as being at a much higher level of human then what I have experienced over time on average. So even though the past few generations  didn’t seem so bright it looks like there’s a bright future in the youth going ahead.  Maybe they are looking at our generation and they see how nuts and wicked it has become an decided they don’t want to have anything to do with it.  

This is a video in a tweet.  Hopefully Twitter does not ban it.  So if you don’t see anything then Twitter banned it. 

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