The Return of Micah — Check this Out as Applies to Now

Read all of Micah.  Check this Out!  It’s Shocking What is Said in Micah as Compared to Now.  Is it About NOW?  It Sure Sounds Like It…  

Micah 2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Woe to those who think up evil
and plan wickedness as they lie in bed.
When morning comes, they do it,
since they have it in their power.
2 They covet fields and seize them;
they take over houses as well,
doing violence to both owner and house,
to people and their inherited land.

3 Therefore this is what Adonai says:

“Against this family I am planning an evil
from which you will not withdraw your necks;
nor will you walk with your heads held high,
for it will be an evil time.”

4 On that day they will take up a dirge for you;
sadly lamenting, they will wail,
“We are completely ruined!
Our people’s land has changed hands.
Our fields are taken away from us;
instead of restoring them, he parcels them out.”

5 Therefore, you will have no one
in the assembly of Adonai
to stretch out a measuring line and restore
the land assigned by lot.

6 “Don’t preach!” — thus they preach!
“They shouldn’t preach about these things.
Shame will not overtake us” —

7 is this what the house of Ya‘akov says?

Adonai has not grown impatient,
and these things are not his doings.
“Rather, my words do only good
to anyone living uprightly.

8 But lately my people behave like an enemy,
stripping both cloaks and tunics
from travelers who thought they were secure,
so that they become like war refugees.

9 You throw my people’s women
out of the homes they love.
You deprive their children
of my glory forever.

10 Get up and go! You can’t stay here!
Because [the land] is now unclean,
it will destroy you
with a grievous destruction.”

11 If a man who walks in wind and falsehood
tells this lie: “I will preach to you
of [how good it is to drink] wine and strong liquor” —
this people will accept him as their preacher!

12 “I will assemble all of you, Ya‘akov;
I will gather the remnant of Isra’el,
I will put them together like sheep in a pen,
like a herd in its pasture —
it will hum with the sounds of people.”

13 The one breaking through went up before them;
they broke through, passed the gate and went out.
Their king passed on before them;
Adonai was leading them.”

Being exposed now:

  • Are those who have planned wickedness, dreamed of it, put into action,
  • stolen the land, takes over houses,
  • put everyone in debt,
  • puts property taxes on your home so they could steal your home later,
  • they steal and plunder through their loopholes,
  • they steal the taxpayers money and funnel it to themselves, they devised all sorts of never-ending wicked scams to steal kill and destroy.
  • They develop fake Healthcare to steal kill and destroy.
  • Through their pharmakeia they deceive the nations.
  • They even plan to destroy 90% of the population of the Earth.
  • And people still foolishly follow after them because they do not know God and they haven’t gotten to know the Bible, the Word of God.
  • They depended on men to teach them instead of God, led astray. The mass is marching on down to the pit because they do not obey the New Testament of God but rather doctrines of demons, worshipping them and making themselves their god in the process.

But there is hope

Micah 3 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

3 “I said, ‘Please listen, leaders of Ya‘akov,
rulers of the house of Isra’el:
Shouldn’t you know what justice is?

2 Yet you hate what is good and love what is bad.
You strip off their skin from them
and their flesh from their bones,

3 you eat the flesh of my people,
skin them alive, break their bones;
yes, they chop them in pieces,
like flesh in a caldron, like meat in a pot.’”

4 Then they will call to Adonai,
but he will not answer them;
when that time comes, he will hide his face from them,
because their deeds were so wicked.”

Isn’t this what the ruling “elites” were doing to people, especially little kids?:

And aren’t we seeing false prophets rise up all over the place defending the Kingdom of Darkness’s agenda?

Micah 3:
5 Here is what Adonai says in regard to the prophets who cause my people to go astray, who cry, “Peace” as soon as they are given food to eat but prepare war against anyone who fails to put something in their mouths:

6 “Therefore you will have night, not vision,
darkness and not divination;
the sun will go down on the prophets,
over them the day will be black.”

7 The seers will be put to shame,
the diviners will be disgraced.
They will have to cover their mouths,
because there will be no answer from God.

8 On the other hand, I am full of power
by the Spirit of Adonai,
full of justice and full of might,
to declare to Ya‘akov his crime,
to Isra’el his sin.

9 Hear this, please, leaders of the house of Ya‘akov,
rulers of the house of Isra’el,
you who abhor what is just
and pervert anything that is right,

10 who build up Tziyon with blood
and Yerushalayim with wickedness.

11 Her leaders sell verdicts for bribes,
her cohanim teach for a price,
her prophets divine for money —
yet they claim to rely on Adonai!
“Isn’t Adonai here with us?” they say.
“No evil can come upon us.”

12 Therefore, because of you,
Tziyon will be plowed under like a field,
Yerushalayim will become heaps of ruins,
and the mountain of the house like a forested height.”

Are you looking for Clear instructions of how to be in what to do?

Check out Micah 6:8

“Human being, you have already been told
what is good, what Adonai demands of you —
no more than to act justly, love grace
and walk in purity with your God.”

  1. Be holy.
  2. Forget the things of this realm.
  3. Receive Christ. Keep receiving. Receive the gift of eternal life. God wants you receiving and then doing as He directs.  He doesn’t want you pushing him aside and doing your own thing for Him which is a common and major mistake. You must have the humility to receive the gift and gift from God.
  4. Know the New Testament. Do what the New Testament says. Reprogram yourself with the New Testament instead of the ways of the world which are the ways of sin and death. Your soul is like a computer – whatever it comes in contact with it absorbs and stores. So therefore you need to get rid of some things of error and install the New Testament into your soul, your mind.
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