The Real Trump

One of the Best Personalities on the Planet.  Utterly Clean the USA, then the Planet DJT ELOHEEM, Isaiah 45, Cyrus 2.0, World Leader, King of Earth, Have ZERO Toleration for the Wicked.  

This doesn’t seem to be the same guy as “Golfing Trump”.   This Trump is my kind of personality.

It has been said that there are multiple Trumps:  This one in Cheyanne bunker, Golfing Trump, Robot Trump (deep state), Deep State Clone(s) Trump, Short Trump (at daughter’s wedding some claimed to be a time traveled or med bed age reversed John F Kennedy (the teeth).   There maybe other Trump doubles, clones, robots. But this Trump below – he’s my kinda guy, brother a guy I could call a trustworthy friend, yes by past history but by the personality and persona exuded below.   Link from Mark Taylor’s Telegram channel. 


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