The Plot Thickens? JFK SENIOR is Also Donald Trump?

The Plot Thickens? JFK SENIOR is Also Donald Trump?  Lol this is getting good…

If You Haven’t Noticed, There Are Several Versions of Donald Trump.  JFK Senior, not JFK Junior, is Said to Be Masked Up and Donald Trump!  Here is a Picture Below but A Lot of Other Reporters Have Pointed this Out in Depth.

  • The forward angle teeth of JFK Senior is and eyes can be seen in the JFK Trump

  • Side note: JFK Senior has had a major impact on the direction of my life (the typer here) which I appreciate and appreciate hearing about him still being alive.  (Think age regression med bed technology). 

  • Donald Trump is the biological son of General Patton.  Several of Mark Taylor’s prophecies are about Patton, the Art of War and D Day Invasion. 
  • A story was mentioned that time travelers, and Tesla > John Trump > Donald Trump are said to have Tesla’s time travel technology, and I think they are all related too.

  • John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump as said to be in “Jesus’ Bloodline” with the storyline that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a kid.  The bloodline is said to be called “Druze”.  I’m sure we’ll hear all about it soon.  We all may not want to jump to early concussions or judgment based on past knowledge or what religious denominational Christianity has taught us until we hear the facts.  Shoot, religious, denominational Christianity has told us that the line of Cain and Esau are “God’s chosen people”, you know, this line that almost successfully terminated 90% of the world’s population and who worships Satan directly, and who went in and changed your Bible’s and your history since Constantine/Jesuits, who invented “Modern Hebrew” to hide the Word of God from you, who hid the Bible then in a dead language of Latin and told you that you were not allowed to read the Bible on your own, who are the creators of communism and modern medicine who have murdered hundreds of millions of people, if not well past a  billion at this point…?    Understand that the truth will stand.  But also acknowledge, this blood line is the one saving the world and taking over the planet at this time.  Donald Trump is actually said to be King of the Planet.  Donald Trump’s name means “World Ruler”.  Now is the time to take in information, compare, contrast and further find the truth and more truth, meaning the truth about information on a greater scale. 

  • On top of that, we don’t also want to assume that all new information coming out is true or accurate either.  And if you don’t know the Bible you have right now, what are you going to compare and contrast this new information with?  Even prophet Robin Bullock has mentioned this about all of these said to be hidden books of the Bible that are supposed to be distributed to the planet from the Vatican’s caves.   If you don’t know, like have a KNOWING of the Bible we have, you’ll be easily swayed in any new direction that is announced.  Any new directions that are announced maybe good and true, or not.  This realm is about testing and learning.  So we’ll probably tested and challenged going forward.  And it’s a safe assumption that all things going forward will be for:  you getting to know God more, you becoming a better person in line with God’s commands, Jesus’ commands of the New Testament so God can have a good relationship with you (so you’re not a sinning mess) and to grow an mature you so you can be productive into the future, so you can rule and reign with Christ, so you can bear much fruit and be a lot of fun to be around. 


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