The Perils of Hocking Survival Food and Related Products

The Perils of Hocking Survival Food and Related Products


Reason for this post: New Mark Taylor prophecy and for those still stuck in peddling Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness early tribulation message, doom and gloom, judgment judgement judgement messages… Because you trying to save face, sell survival products or sell more books. WARNING: You better go cold turkey. You better rip off that Band-Aid. You better repent which means to stop doing that, and start getting inline with God’s timeline and the prophets from God. And stop listening to those who have been duped, who do not test the spirits, who have actually been listening, demons, workers of the Kingdom of Darkness disguising themselves as angels of light, even with their mock Heavens and mock Hells. Yeah. You better stop or you’re in big trouble.

See the Mark Taylor prophecy below.

Yes, by this time by continuing to preach the doom and gloom, man, you guys are way behind and it is embarrassing. You should be embarrassed. Now you’re going to have to look extra bad but it’s better admitting you’re wrong then having God take you out – yes – it’s that severe check out the prophecy. I’m giving you this message because I understand. When I was a newbie at this “end times stuff” I was posting that as well. Ooops. But thanks to God he made me realize what I was doing and so I quickly changed.  Here’s a link to a Mark Taylor prophecy collection and you are in it!

So don’t worry, stress out or freak out. Just stop with the doom and judgement stuff (can absolutely get rid of who survival products pushing because it will pull you back in). Get on and tune into God’s voice. Start talking to Jesus directly for He is your One and Only Teacher, is He not? Ask Him what to do and how to best do it. So let’s move forward with the Good News and demonstrate the Love of God to others so those of the world may find the “real deal” (which is the love of God), repent and be saved.

Wake up you doom Peddlers – and I’m talking about you who call yourself Christian and say you believe in Jesus. Now before we go on there’s not a doubt in if you believe in Jesus here so take all of this in a brotherly loving way.  You know, as a brother smacks the other brother upside the head, in love…:) (those who have physical biological Brothers possibly can appreciate the humor…)

But very seriously there is a threat on you through prophecy by God. God attributes to you that you are guilty of killing people and now blood is on your hands for preaching doom and gloom which has caused many to commit suicide. Oh yes. That’s scary isn’t it.

Fortunately you can repent the put that will require you to stop pitching this message because it is not God’s message, it is the Kingdom of Darkness’s attempt to an early tribulation period and you are not helping anyone. Check out this prophecy. God says you don’t know Him. Maybe that’s because of the denominational doctrinal strongholds that are choking you and your congregations, technically denying Jesus as Lord by hiding His commands.

I assume this applies those who are preaching Doom and Gloom messages as in the tribulation is approaching… Head for the Hills and buy lots of survival food… Escape to a bunker… Judgment judgment judgment… God is going to judge the USA… Bad bad bad… hate hate hate… No faith. No Love. No conquering for the Kingdom but cowardice looking to hide…

You need to wake up and realize that we have prophets now. You need to get to know God by getting to know his entire Word so you can recognize what prophet is from the Kingdom of Darkness and what prophet is from God.

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Kat Kerr – Are you a Prepper? Some things to think on as the days get darker



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