The Next Supreme Court Justice After Ruth Bader Ginsburg will Be Deborah

Here is the Prophecy from July 2 2018 that Explains How Deborah of the Old Testament Will Be Our New Supreme Court Justice to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg Through Which Roe vs. Wade WILL FALL!

And for All Those Who Forgot – President Trump will Appoint 5 New Supreme Court Justices – Amy Coney Barrett is #2 – 3 More to Go…

Time is Up for Those Who Are Corrupt 11-17-2015 – Mark Taylor Action Plan for You to DO

Welcome to the Kingdom Age where the Kingdom of Heaven is Rising Against the Kingdom of Darkness.   The Body of Christ Will Rule and Reign in the Spirit Realm and the Physical Realm as It Has Already Started to Do.

Prophecy – Time to Takeover Planet Earth – Time to Occupy the Earth

Next Supreme Court Judge will Be Samuel Then Deborah

So the next Supreme Court Justice will be a woman (correction of me not hearing it right – maybe it’s better to have prophecy in print) a Samuel then it sounds like Deborah comes after.  She will be in line spirit and character of Deborah of the Old Testament. She won’t be another easily manipulated woman by the Kingdom of Darkness as you’ve seen throughout politics, media (and those who have been at the core of the insane divorce rate in America.)   It sounds like she will know the Word of God well as well and that she will turn to her One and Only Teacher for answers to questions instead of mankind or some Kingdom of Darkness creature whispering in her ear.

As you’ll see from an interesting book by Jonathan Cahn “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times”  there are Cycles in history and personality that have been pre-written and assigned by God. For example we just got out of a phase under Ahab and Jezebel – and these are powerful dark side ruling spirits that have been infecting the USA. In particular there are two characters associated with these names in modern history (BC (WJC) & HC (HRC)). Now we have not only a Deborah about to rise into power who will look after the children and will judge righteously but we will have a Samuel up and coming as well (more on that later).  And of course Trump is Cyrus.

Donald Trump will appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices of God’s Choosing because God is reclaiming America as the base of the End Time Harvest.

This End Time Harvest may last a couple, few or more centuries according to Prophets. So don’t panic thinking that you only have three years as some say. This is God’s time and He’s going to show off through His kids! So tune in to God.

Are you saved? Are you born again from above? Please understand that you cannot technically or mechanically enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you have the covering of Jesus, God the Son.

See the prophecy over the next Supreme Court Justice being a Samuel and then a Woman

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