The Man Who Should Be Put in Charge of the Health of All Humans on The Planet – One of The Most Successful Healers of Our Time

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  • Put Dr. Morse in charge of shutting down all allopathic MD medicine and pharma – let him pick out any things that should  be salvaged or should be used in transition as all allopathic MD  medicine, which is Satanic sorcery witchcraft medicine, as well as pharmaceutical is shut down and removed from this plant.  He’ll be one of the best to do this.  He’ll be one of the best advisors on this matter. 
  • MD doctors must go.  MD nurses must go.  Related MD Dentistry, you know, the criminals that stuff you with fluoride and heavy metals in addition to a plethora of utterly wicked techniques and advice must go.  Veterinarians who use this Satanic snake medicine must go (most of Veterinarians may be able to be replaced through use of Dr. Joel Wallach 25,000 page book on animal cures. )
  • You will do this if you want humanity to survive.  All of these Satanic fields that have infected our health care systems must be shut down.  Through these Satanic systems, statisticians have it that, well, the MD’s alone have killed more people than all of the wars on this planet, combined. 



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