The Lord Tells Prophet Robin Bullock that Serious Deception Coming (Long Term Planned Fake Alien Invasion)


  1. The Aliens…. The Aliens… the Aliens….they will subtly and directly try to deceive.  The fake alien invasion is LONG TERM PLANED.  But it will seem fantastical when it happens so it’s a great deception as the Lord warned prophet Robert Bullock. Now disclaimer:  Robin did not say this great deception coming would be the aliens, I’m saying that is very likely the fake alien invasion because this was a long term much talked about plan, and that the bad guys are said to be at such a desperate point that they have to pull out all the stops.  Yes there are space ships in Space Force.  Flying saucers have been around for a while.  Yes according to those secret space program whistle blowers, they have the tech, the anti gravity tech to turn on a dime (although Robin and Steve were doubting that)  – the US Navy under Salvatore Pais released the patents for it according to my understanding. 
  2. The pale rider with the poison tip needle = the vaccine.   Stand up and decree and declare the nullification of the power of the enemy in the vaccines.  Decree in the Name of Jesus that the vaccines, that ALL vaccines be rendered harmless. 
  3. Yet this is all a dry run for the future.  The end is NOT now.  Yet your beliefs will be tested it sounds like especially the religious and denominational Christian churches. 
  4. Maybe better to go hang out with nature, play with the squirrels vs watching too much news, or any news for that matter.  And of course, don’ t watch Satan News Networks or they will suck you in and foul up your soul.  Remember: by exploring evil even just to study it;  you get sucked in and it’s very difficult to get out.   Actually, if you can, separate out from those spiritually weak for a while.  Let all of this stuff blow over. Make yourself read the Bible a few times through.  Work hard on reprogramming your soul with the New Testament making sure, brutally honestly sure that your beliefs, that your thoughts, that your mindsets, that your habits line up exactly with the New Testament.  Get our lists of Commands of Jesus of the New Testament and the List of 666 Sins of the Bible and work hard on programing into your should (which is your bio/ spiritual computer version of you, which is based on programming, which is based on every bit of information you let into your soul consciously or subconsciously. )
  5. Remember that negative emotions destroy.  Fear makes sickness.  Or rather fear plus a thought, an image of a sickness manifest the sickness.  You could say that stress is a form of hate and hate is very disruptive and destructive to the cells of the body.  Negative emotions even corrupt water crystal formation which then goes onto create further malfunction in the body.  Demons literally feed off negative emotion; it’s their food.  Negative emotions will also attract like frequency thoughts for acting on those negative emotions for further destruction.  Work on not indulging in negative emotions.  It will take some work and practice but you can improve more and more. Eventually when negative emotions have little to no effect on you; you will become quite powerful. 
  6. Spend time developing your talking and listening relationship with the Lord instead of getting caught up in all of the mess to come. 
  7. Focus on what the Lord is telling you to do personally and don’ t waste time doing other things.  Don’t waste time trying to be a hero or like someone else.  Just play your part in this Grand Symphony of the Ages.  The only way an orchestral performance works is if everyone plays their part, in time. 
  8. Lucifer wanted to be a man (as in before the fall of Eve and Adam) and that’s what this is all about. 
  9. The aliens will say they are the Annunaki and no longer will an amoeba be your father, creator but THEY are you creators.  They will deny that Jesus, God the Son, came in the flesh.   They will give other doctrine.   This and other great deceptions are for getting rid of those who won’t turn to God. 
  10. People don’t understand the URGENCY of getting right with God.  They want something special to happen.   They need to see and experience the goodness of God.  But they don’t understand that they need to seek God first. 



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