The Jew’s Messiah vs. The Hebrew Messiah


Things Are Getting Really Interesting! Jews that are Not Hebrews.  Changed Bibles Where Jews Replaced Hebrews.  Hebrews Are from Jacob Onward.  Jews Are Said to Be from the Line of Cain Through Esau…  The End Times Battle is Jews vs. Hebrews… But Who Are the Hebrews?  Do the Hebrews Even Know Who They Are? Who are the Lost Sheep of Israel? Are they Not the Hebrews?

Alert:  You maybe Hebrew and not even know it. 

I Recently Saw a Video of How Grapes or Vines are Shaping into the Name of God YHVH    That’s super cool for sure.

Yet the video reminded me how Jews have been expecting the return of “the Messiah” after the Jewish citizen started talking about how they expect the Messiah to come through  – but what Messiah?  Who’s Messiah?  So far the big coordination and the big push was to bring about their Anti-Christ which was to emerge from that Notre Dame Cathedral in France but the white hats, you could argue, the Hebrews, got there before hand and burned it down 4 days before the Anti-Christ was about to come through – according to military researcher Gene Decode.

Their Messiah is their 1st Messiah.  They ignore Thee Messiah, Yeshua who came to die for the sins of the world, including theirs.   But even at the time of Yeshua in the flesh here on Earth, the Jews (the Canaanites) were considered to be the Pharisees and Sadducees.  They infiltrate and become leaders like they did in the USA, in fact, the world, arguably.   They are considered to be Jews, not Hebrews.   And as many historians point out, the Hebrews on average accepted Jesus as Lord but the Jews did not, and ultimately crucified Him.  

That said, I don’t want to generalize either or overly group a people or nationality assuming everyone thinks the same way.   As for Jews, there are many born again believer, regenerated, DNA restored believers in Yeshua, God the Son.   But as can be obviously seen, it’s the Jewish (not Hebrew) sect that believes in Lucifer and worships Ba’al, that associated with the 13 blood line families that have been supposedly ruling the world for the past 6000 years until 2012, that has made themselves not only the enemy of the Hebrews but of all humanity since they want to exterminate billions of people to get the Earth’s population down to 500 million, out of which they want to turn the 500 million left into non human cyborgs. 

Most of Israel today, as factually pointed out by various historians and encyclopedias over time, are not the Hebrews of the Old Testament but are “converted” peoples primarily from the line of Cain / Esau, mostly Khazarians.  These are also associated with “The Zionists” of today.   They are also associated with the Synagogue of Satan, Ba’al worship and everything that goes along with that too – not everyone of course.  There are many born again saved Jews.  Yeshua, God the Son, died for all even the line of Cain:  Proof was Saul who was  considered Pharisee Jewish “reptilian” (which is why scales fell from his eyes as many point out), who had his DNA restored by becoming born again after believing on Yeshua with his hear and making Yeshua his Lord.

Where are the Hebrews today?  Well, historians say you can find the Hebrews firstly by looking at what nations are formally Christian nations.   Then you look at those country’s flag history which contain symbols all the way back to the 12 Tribes of Israel.   And then, historians point out that Adam means “ruddy in the cheek”s which means that decedents of Adam are able to blush, which would be the white skin nationalities, or more specifically, the white European nations.  Now skin color issues are a touchy topic and every tribe and tongue can be born again into the Family of God. But…

  1. Since the bad guys have been attacking whites, “white privilege” so much, you can assume from past behavior, that whatever they attack must be good or special.  It’s the collusive Satanic media networks, that helped point that out.  Most whites probably never thought much about themselves as being special, different or peculiar until Satanic media started trying to attack and destroy whites.
  2. Historians already have it mapped out  See Truth Vids video channel for thorough research and facts.
  3. This is not to say that whites who are ruddy in the cheeks are superior necessarily, it’s more to say that Israel, Hebrews needs to know who they actually are.  So if you’re white European, you are likely Hebrew.  Wow.  That’s sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it!   Because the decedents of Cain up on through Esau, mostly associated with being “the Jews” or “Jewish” as oppose to “the Hebrews”, know who they are and know who you are.  But you don’t know who they are nor nor who you are.  That’s why you’re losing Hebrews!  Wake up.  You must know your enemy and know your self to win most all battles and win the war. Jews have become your mortal enemy, in fact, well at least a faction of them, not all Jews of course, have become an enemy to all humanity whereas, according to Juan O’ Savin, the Jews, the ones in the Synagogue of Satan, the ones who have been working ultra hard to raise the Anti-Christ, want to exterminate all except those in the line of Cain so then, as they think, God will have no option to take them back.  Now that’s sad. There are not even considering that this is just a “virtual reality zone” of sorts and you can’t kill anyone off.  Those of us who are born again, according to the New Testament, simply go back to God in Heaven.  You have been majorly duped.   Unfortunately, it sounds more like those in the Synagogue are being punk’d by Satan  because Jews, people from the line of Cain, can be born again and have their DNA purified to that of Messiah Yeshua, (Jesus Christ), like Saul to Paul, and like many many Jews across the planet.  So line of Cain, wake up.  God loves  you too! A lot! More than you know.  Repent. Yeshua is your Maker did you know that?  Believe on Yeshua (Jesus) with your heart and confess Yeshua as Lord.  Come on!  Be saved instead. Stop being tricked by Satan (and those who do more for Satan, Lucifer, Ba’al are tortured greater than anyone else in Hell, then the Lake of Fire, according to many Heaven and Hell visitation testimony folks, like Kat Kerr.)
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