The Hand and Finger of God in Sky Proven by Prophecy

The Hand of God in the Sky

Listen to Kat Kerr, She and Hank Kunneman were Told by God to Watch for His Hand in the Sky or Something Like that  – Listen to the Video Below – It’s God’s Finger Pointing Upward Impressed into Our Atmosphere into a Cloud

Why does Kat tell  us to look at spirits, Angels and now God’s Hand in the clouds?  From my understanding combining what I’ve heard over time while also just guessing:  1. the energies, or magnetism of a being in what we call “the spirit realm” may attract the water droplets of a cloud when they press into this dimension.  2. From prior statements of prophets in combination from various parts of the Bible, I believe that of God the Father stepped into this realm, this 3D realm, it would melt or blow up.  3. God can be as big or small as He wants.  And many of the host army angels are huge, some as big as planets.   4. Signs, pressing into the clouds could be given as signs.  5. Host Angels use clouds for cover and disguise as well.

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