The Gospel of Q – Free Download PDF

The Gospel of Q – Free Download PDF by Mark M. Mattison – It’s Pretty Small But Provides Insights into the “Q” which Stands for Quelle, or “Source” – So This is Why in Part So Many People, Especially New Agers Are Calling God. YAHWAH Eloheem, “Source”… 

Don’t Worry, When They Release Those 777 Books of the Bible or 711 Others, We’ll Get More Facts.  Right Now, Trying to Claim Beliefs as Facts, as Many Do, Can Cause a Lot of Trouble While Confusing Many and Leading Them Astray.   A Belief is NOT a FACT and Can Be Right or Wrong.  

On That Note, We Have a lot of “Believers” Out There Who Aren’t Doing Much or Understand Much of What Jesus Said that You MUST Do, or Be a Habitual Doer of, to Be Saved and Not Cast Out into the Outer Darkness.  Most “Believers” Don’t Even Know that They Need to OBEY Jesus as King, Lord and You Can Even Say SLAVE MASTER – Were You Not BOUGHT with a Price of His Torture and Sacrifice on the Cross?  So Let Our Egos Choke on That.  Die to Self – Does that Mean, Die to Ego? Die to Pride?  Take Up Your Cross (Humble Yourself) and Follow Jesus.   Wow, We in Christianity Seem to Be Far from That These Days.  We Better Get that Fixed FAST!

Here is the PDF Download Link

Download (PDF, 126KB)


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