The Evil Crew of 32 Review & Action Plan – Mark Taylor Prophecy of 1-16-18

Judgment to the Evil Crew of 32

Here are the points of action summarized from the prophecy.  This is stated for clarity and emphasis for you and me so we make sure to be in tune with what God is doing and do what He is saying to do as well.

The first warning is to the Church. But this warning is urgent and VERY serious to 3 WOE status which is VERY VERY VERY serious.   This is to those who don’t know God very well but far away from God.   It’s likely that these leaders are so brain washed by their man made denominational doctrine that although they know a lot ABOUT the Word, they likely don’t KNOW the Word.  This could be the reason why they don’t recognize the times, they don’t know how God works, they don’t know His Character and they don’t know His voice.  And I speak from my own experience.  And understand that its all of our job to SEEK out God in what He says and wants us to do, to KNOW what He is saying and not guess based off heart emotion (usually of the flesh).

The Evil Crew of 32 are the past 5 presidents that served Baal. Listen to various Mark Taylor videos on the matter that you can find on YouTube.  Obviously RR is gone and it seems like he wanted nothing to do with these wicked things.  If I remember correctly from a Mark Taylor interview, I believe this would involve: BHO, GWB, WJC, GHWB & JC.  Q is narrating the process if you want to follow this live.

Welcome to the invasion of Heaven where Kingdom rises against Kingdom at the start of this Kingdom Age.  (See Kat Kerr videos to learn all about the Kingdom Age and what you are supposed to be doing about it right now.)

Here is the The Evil Crew of 32 Review & Action Plan – Mark Taylor Prophecy of 1-16-18

  1. Understand that Judgment is being and will be poured out on the leaders of United States of America
  2. Understand that Judgment is being and will be poured out on the leaders of God’s Church
  3. Understand that there is a severe warning to leaders who stand in the way of God’s agenda  and call yourself  God’s people. They get three woes and that’s really bad.  So repent!  Get a clue about what’s going on.  And at this point, this many years into this Heaven Invasion transition, to not get what’s going on could mean that there is something very wrong with you.  Repent.
  4. Leaders who want open borders are going against God’s agenda. So wake up and get on the “Trump Train”
  5. Leaders Who attack and pray against God’s anointed men and women are in big trouble.  (So stop listen to Satanic media because you’re getting conned.  Stop accusing.  Stop lying; stop saying things that you don’t know are true or not. Stop railing accusation.  Stop all hate.  Stop all negative emotion for that matter since it feeds the Kingdom of Darkness workers, literally)
  6. Leaders who sow strife and division amongst the people are in big trouble.  So stop creating strive and division and get in line with God’s plans.  Study the modern day prophets.  Wake up.
  7. Those who are  for open borders, who attack and pray against God’s anointed men and women and those who  sow strife and division or called hypocrites by God. And He tells them to repent.  So get a clue and get on the Trump Train and Make America Great plan. 
  8. God’s righteous judgement is falling now.  so wake up and get right with God.  Give up whatever you need to give up, even if it’s they way you’ve been doing ministry for decades.  Repent before it’s too late and God takes you out of ministry or totally out.
  9. Understand that there’s a time limit to repent and there’s a warning to repent before it’s too late.  Hurry and repent to God.
  10. Know that America’s leaders and church leaders who indulge in corrupt things of this world for power and greed who call themselves leaders will be removed from authority position and some will be removed from the face of the Earth. They are told to repent before it’s too late.
  11. Understand a judgement is falling on those that have mocked, deceived and led God’s people astray.  Stop, drop and repent.
  12. God says that many are about to find out what the Spirit of the ‘Fear of the Lord’ is and Who the one true God is.  Don’t mess with God.
  13. The Spirit of God says two will be taken and three will be shaken  from the evil crew of 32  which means 2 ex presidents will be removed and 3 will be shaken to the core.
  14.  Understand that over a 32-year period the line of ex presidents of the USA served and empowered that entity called Baal and the Covenant they had holding up Baal’s  house with the Illuminati and the New World Order.  And  understand it will all come crumbling down.
  15. Understand that when the first ex president is taken that will be a sign that the New World Order shall die.
  16. Understand that when the second ex is taken that anyone calling himself God’s but comes against  Israel is sympathizing with her enemies will not be tolerated. 
  17. The three that will be shaken is a sign that no one is above the most high God.
  18. Understand that these of the evil crew and 32 plus many others try to exalt themselves above God and His law and they will be exposed and imprisoned for the entire world to see. 
  19. Understand that righteousness and Justice are the foundation of God’s throne.
  20. Understand that the Supreme Court will be shaken.
  21. America is told to not fear as they see these things manifesting and that God will clean up the darkness which will Usher in his light because he has America in his hand.  So don’t fear.  Avoid doom and gloomers.  (Watch out for those hocking survival stuff who are compelled to promote doom and gloom to sell you survival related things.)
  22. God questions why those who call themselves God’s people are praying against the president Trump.
  23. God calls out and questions those who are praying against God’s agenda for the United States of America who call themselves God’s people.  He tells them to repent
  24. He tells these people that they are not for God but against God.
  25. He tell these people that they pray against God’s agenda because they don’t know their father’s business.
  26. God tells these people that they pray against God’s agenda because they don’t know Him.
  27. He tells people to stop listening to Satan’s frequency and tap into Heaven’s is frequency so then you will know the plans God has for you.

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