The Beast with the Mortal Wound But Lives is Discovered?!

Thanks to help from Q.  The Beast: Nazism: It did not die. It simply moved to the USA. USA was about to fulfill the Nazi dream (of the Kingdom of Darkness) until God stepped in and Heaven Invaded.  And now Nazism is repackaged as “liberalism” which isn’t liberalism but a twisted identity of liberalism where good is bad and bad is good.

Freedom Force News has some very interesting comparisons to Revelation, Daniel and other scriptures referring to end times things.  She is comparing everything that is happening now to the start of the Millennial Reign in the spirit realm and there are some striking similarities that those who know the Word, the Bible pretty well can associate.  Her concept is that the Lord will  rule and Reign the Earth through  the obedient believers and that the Millennial Reign is now.  Some prophets say we are entering into the Kingdom Age – a totally new time and thing on Earth where the amazingness of God and the love of God will burst forth, through His children therefore enabling the Earth to experience some of the greatest times in the history of man.

In her video below in addition to multiple other videos on her YouTube channel Freedom Force News she explains her research and revelation of the current associations with current events, signs in the sky, the stars (which is fascinating) to various sections of Scripture.  Here are some points from her video below:

  • Either we are entering the millennial Reign or that we are entering into a picture of the millennial reign
  • There are many many very interesting coordinations that I’ve been seeing myself after studying Revelation related things for many years and reading the Bible over and over and over and over…
  • That said other prophets are saying we are entering the Kingdom Age and we are at the start of it.  The Millennial Reign is a kingdom age where as it’s the Kingdom of the Lord is ruling and reigning on Earth  Is that a literal physical presence of the Lord on the Earth or is this all spiritual? What say ye?
  • We are certainly seeing a sort of separating out of sheeps and goats. They’re all sorts of exposures going on which is ending up showing what’s really in a person’s heart in how they react to things or ignore things. And what’s very interesting is the exposure of Christians or those who say they are, in regards to who’s really on God’s side versus who’s actually following the Kingdom of Darkness through their denominations and religions, UNrerepented sin, hardness of heart blocking God’s voice, unbelief, or desire to be their own lord instead of Jesus on the throne of their heart, their lives . 
  • Who actually has Jesus as Lord directly, person to Person vs who is following man-made denominational doctrines after Kingdom of Darkness made doctrines as lord or who is following self as Lord,  who’s tripped up or infected with the yeast of the Pharisees or the yeast of Herod etc…
  • What’s very impressive and fascinating is this person’s study of the stars and coordination with the signs given in Revelation that adds significant weight to what she is talking about.
  • Regardless she has done a lot of very interesting study and it is interesting to take in as knowledge of her studies and comparisons to world events in coordination with the scriptures. So understand that we can take in information without following anyone or without judging them either. If you wish to know a matter simply asked the Lord and then listen.    Understand that we have only One Teacher  and we are to go to Him Who is Jesus, God the Son. And God is One.
  • So we can listen.  That doesn’t mean we follow.  But it’s really neat to see these kinds of observations happening in real time. 
  • It’s time to wake up you children of God, put your crown on and rule and reign with Christ – Kingdom Age or Millennial Age
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