The AI Antichrist Agenda – Similar to DARKSIDE in Justice League

The AI Antichrist Agenda – Similar to DARKSIDE in Justice League

Ismael Perez Lectures About the Alternate Universe Anti-Christ AI, Evil AI, the AI “god” Are Proven, Verified by Karen Kingston and Mike Adams Showing Proof and Explaining the Transhuman Cyborg Agenda to Transform Humans into an Army of Cyborgs

The DARKSIDE Character is well known in comics.  The Justice League movie dealt with some initial information with that horn head demon looking guy, Steppenwolf, who wanted to combine three AI energy boxes that terraformed the planet to be habitable for demons (reptilians).  But also he came with DARKSIDE’s “Parademons” which were former humans that transformed into cyborgs with super abilities.  The army of Parademons spread by “vaccinating” other humans with their bite. 

A popular cosmic historian, named Ismael Perez has been connecting the dots from many ancient books with the Bible to provide information about a much bigger perspective of what has been taught in snake captured “Christian” churches arguably since Constantine in combination with Jesuit (Jews) takeover of most all Christian religions, denominations.  

At this time you don’t need to believe what anyone says but what seems smarter is to take in the information from many sources and then compare and contrast that information to better find more accuracy, more quickly. 



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