Super Soldiers, Hulks, Super Humans – For Real? Or..

Super Soldiers, Hulks, Super Humans – For Real? Or.. Are These Extreme Psychological Experiments? Or Are These Spiritual Adventures by Kingdom of Darkness Workers (the Aliens) Who Take Those Who Don’t Trust the Spirits?  What’s Going on Here?  WILD! 

Space Force.  ET’s. Shape shifters. Rep Chileans. The Venustians (from Venus). Super Soldiers. Incredible Hulks. Superhumans. Superpowers. Time Travelers.  Are they real?  we keep hearing more and more and more and more especially those who say they come out of the secret space program.

Technically why wouldn’t they be real.  With God anything is possible.  And if all these things are real, us average folk are going to need some serious upgrades – upgrades from God, not the enemy!!  

Speaking of which, don’t let the enemy collect or touch your DNA.  DNA alteration is associated with becoming irredeemable (Lake of Fire) as with all the world in the days of Noah, except for Noah and  his family, by several sources and confirmed by Kevin Zadai after talking to Jesus personally, face to face, which he does often.  Kevin already died once but he was sent back for extra credit to do much about him to help kickstart the Kingdom Age – and we all certainly appreciate and need that help Kevin has been bringing.  Kevin has been teaching us, revealing to us a time of awesome things told to him by God. 

Here are a couple very interesting videos, shocking actually.  Do your own research but since so much information is in coming out about aliens and super secret space programs, and now the not so secret Space Force is better to get ahead of this information versus later.  That said you probably don’t want to just be totally open and simply taking whatever you hear.  It’s better to got your self guard your heart and listen analytically in my opinion at this point.  

I am not an expert on this matter but due to my experience in observing many heaven and hell visitation testimonies from heaven and the others from the kingdom of darkness, and the kingdom of darkness actually started those with their fake heaven and hell visitation testimonies according to Kat Kerr, sometimes what some of these guys say reminds me of spirit realm journeys where people get tricked into the following “Angels of light” or whatever they “shape shift” disguised themselves as, who are actually kingdom of darkness workers. so now is the time to learn 1 John 4 about testing the spirits and you get your phrase down pat to test the spirits. things have become very very tricky.

So, working have to deal with this type of stuff. It is better to deal with it like I mentioned in go aggressively after figuring out in perspective, in biblical perspective the difference between dark and light, who is on Yeshuas side (light) vs. not. Yeshua is your MAKER in conjunction with God the Father.  Nothing was made without Yeshua, Jesus.  So if any being or a lien does not acknowledge God, their maker, Jesus, and that Jesus lived on Earth as a man, son of man, Son of God, then they are of the kingdom of darkness, no matter how good they sound.  Obeying Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven, He is the ONLY way to be redeemed, to escape from being separated out into Hell then the Lake of Fire.   Right now is a Great Testing.  The Angels went through their testing and 1/3 went with Lucifer.  Now we as men must go through this type of testing. The good news is that, once you pass, the testing is done forever and you will not be able to sin anymore after you’re finished with this realm. So repent!

okay so here we go…




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