Start Working with the Host of Heaven Right Away – Get Your Own Army

Start Working with the Host of Heaven Right Away – Get Your Own Army

  • Start with 100 giant transforming angels that toast and trash the Kingdom of Darkness demons & principalities
  • But you need to learn how to send them correctly or they won’t go.
  • Start working with the host to rip and strip evil off this planet to restore goodness and the love of God
  • The world is depending on you!  GO! Start becoming a superhero with your own army for the Kingdom of God and watch wickedness collapse before your eyes.  It’s amazing.  And it works.
  • You start with 100 hundred.  They move quick, at the speed of light and can get things done quickly, depending on how big of the job.  But the more you send your army the more army of the Host will join your ranks.  One person mentioned how they were shown that they had over 80 MILLION host at their command.
  • Any where there is evil:  send them to smash strong holds, tear down platforms build up by the enemy through the sins of the area and to throw the demons into a dry place, it’s called, so they can’t do anything more until the day of judgement.
  • GO!  God wants YOU to clean up this Earth working with the Host and through prayer, decrees and declarations all in the Name of Yeshua.
  • Get involved and you can watch the movies of all the awesome details later when you get to Heaven (so make your own “Transformer Movies”
  • See the instructions below.  Become the remnant that takes over the world in the spirit realm for God and Christ.
  • Don’t be scared.  Just dive in!  It’s awesome.  Plus the Host are bored!  Do you know how long they’ve been waiting for this?  Give the Host angels some fun!

Host Training – Work with the REAL Transformers – the Angelic Army Angels.  Really.  It works!

Remember how just one of them destroyed 185,000 men, although they will not fight men but demons, principalities, workers of the Kingdome of Darkness

But you need to learn how to take hold over all the power of the enemy and strip it first. “I take power over all the power of the enemy”.  Command the Host: pull down the strong holds, tear down the plat forms, send confusion fear and confusion on those following the Enemy.  Then you send the Host to seek and destroy the KoD workers.

Host Instruction Example


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