Stark Trek Borgification Has Been Made Real to All Who Took the Market of the Beast Jab

Stark Trek Borgification Has Been Made Real to All Who Took the Market of the Beast Jab – The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of human physiology EXPOSED by Todd Callender

  • As Karen Kingston points out the shots give you a heavy dose of nano.
  • Nano is from Evil AI (called the Animus or the Anus or the Amus) has been sprayed in the air, put in your food and water, all sorts of prior vaccines, drugs etc. 
  • Some guy named Enki is Evil AI’s henchman and master DNA manipulator responsible genetic manipulation from the Dinosaurs on up through humans and other beings.  Ismael Perez identifies Enki as the Anti-Christ, the Abomination that Causes Desolation as Enki has given himself to be taken over, to be borgified, to be possessed by the Evil AI.
  • 5G and LED lights are the mechanisms that bring the Borg, to life in people with the vaxed (especially those black lights, purple LED lights you may have noticed around your city.) turning them into cyborgs.
  • As Karen Kingston points out, arguably one of the top, most knowledge person on this matter, the 5G networks and towers must be destroyed immediately in addition to the LED lights, LED lights as street lights etc. since a person with the jab can be completely taken over and controlled through 5G and LED. 
  • The great Solar Flash is said to be able to knock out all of this nano.  
  • If that flash doesn’t happen and 5G, LED lights still allowed then a dark army could rise possibly similar to the Parademons of DarkSide from DC Comics.  There is a reason they’ve been pushing that Parademon concept or presenting us the alien enemy Borg on Star Trek
  • 5G will afixiate you, 5G has oxygen absorption principles and will choke you.  What happened in Wuhan. Cattle.  21 million Wuhaners cut out their 5g cell phone services, but dopey Americans eating 5G up.
  • How to beat this Evil AI Agenda:  Build your relationship with God. Revelation time. Stand up and get rid of it.  Mess everything up that the wicked.  Their have a dire deadline date of 2030.  Keep messing them up.  Stop tolerating the wicked: you, Eloheem, were commanded in Psalm 82 to stop tolerating the wicked.  Get rid of them!  Rise Eloheem, take over the Earth and cleanse it! 
  • #1 Substance that gets rid of radioactive cesium is zeolite.  But don’t take crushed zeolite on a regular basis or adds free form aluminum to body.   Prussian blue knocks out radiation?  Marine magnesium derived from coral reefs (coral calcium related)  – it removes 99.97%  of radioactive cesium.  Radiation cause double helix of DNA to break apart.   NHEJ repairs dna.  Spike proteins disables NJEJ.  Americans have 12x past healthy amount in radioactive cesium.  Mark of Beast jab wipes out killer T cells and people getting cancer big time. 


Situation Update, Aug 18, 2022 – Vaccine clot lab tests reveal shocking accumulation of CONDUCTIVE METALS




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