Stand Your Ground

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Good Insight from Long Time Military Vet Who Has Seen A Lot and Often Says Words He Hears from God – “Stand Your Ground”

Here are some side tips from the moment not necessarily related to the video below:

  • Don’t get caught up in the moment by moment news.
  • Don’t try to please man.   Don’t cower down and start trying to please the wicked.
  • Don’t get swirled up in nonsense and fear.
  • Don’t get caught up in the spiritual war in the thought / emotion realm.
  • Stay blunt. Stay factual.
  • Don’t argue with fools – as Proverbs says. 
  • Don’t cast your pearls to dogs (wolves) and swine.
  • Don’t argue with those who side with demons and those who are demonically possessed.   If they try to pick a fight with you, be happy and switch the conversation to something else.
  • Don’t try to save anyone meaning, don’t try to make someone believe a certain way.   Instead, obey the New Testament, seeking to understand and obey every verse; then you will find success and find conversion of many souls.   We can’t save anyone.  Only Jesus saves.  Our job is to obey Jesus, obey the New Testament, to preach, teach, the Good News.   God them draws them.  Salvation is between the other person and God.  Our job is to 1. not get in the way.  2. pray for the salvation of others  3. Present the Good News  4. Be the Good News meaning, through the reprogramming of your soul with the New Testament and the De-Programming of your soul  of the junk, the ways of the world, the commands of satan, you picked up through your time here in this realm (from TV, music, books, school, corrupted doctrine churches, preachers in error, the spirit realm / thought realm, etc etc, all compounded through other people)

Here is William Mount’s Video of Today


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