Spraying Toxins, Morgellons and Graphene Oxide in Skies, Still Plus Detox & Cleanse Protocol Brainstorm Habit

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Until This Mess is Long Gone and Since There is Delay After Delay Starting Detox and Cleanse Habits Sounds Like a Real Good Idea

Here are some starter ideas that need to be researched further and expounded upon:   These concepts are only good if they are made into habits of one sort or another.   We all need to be very health strategic right now.  It’s better to make the effort right now.

  • Clays.  Clay baths.  Bentonite clay.  Xeolite seems to be everyone’s favorite.
  • C60.  Super charged C60.
  • Chlorella is a favorite in heavy metal cleanses although I heard that there is some negative association with graphene oxide and chlorrella.    All of this info in this post is just a mini brain storm and would require much more research by you to act upon any of it.
  • MMS said to take care of most of it:  but it’s also a pain, takes a while and you can’t use antioxidants while on MMS protocol which is not good for a general cleanse habit.
  • Heavy dose Vitamin C.  L-ascorbate is natural form and is said to be more effective.  The most effective form of Vitamin C is through IV according to experts who have been experimenting with Vitamin C for  years to cure most things. 
  • Eat alkaline!  A good place to start is Dr. Sebi diet since he has been the most officially proven, even in the NY Supreme court, to cure just about everything.   He is a global hero that the bad guys have been trying to hide and suppress.   If you’re eating and acid pushing diet while taking in these various toxins, other people’s spike proteins, graphene oxide etc… then you’re putting  yourself in position for big trouble which can happen fast. 
  • Vitamin D3 Plus K2 plus extra magnesium (assuming that you’re also taking a broad spectrum multivitamin and possibly a seaweed based multi mineral supplement.  You’ll need to research the details but at this point in time we all need to be WAY up on vitamin D3.  There are plenty of books and articles on heavy dose Vitmain D3 protocols.  Personally, if you’re encoutering vax’d people or you took the mark of the beast wannabe vax depop shot:  well if you didn’t take it and you’re around others who have then 50,000 IU vitamin D3 with an estimated 400 to 1000 mcg (micro-grams) of Vitamin K2 MK7 per 10,000 IU and an extra 750 mg of magnesium, plus I think it was an extra 30mg zinc and some boron as per suggested use.  And if Vax’d then the idea was to double those amounts.  These are concepts from research.  Do your own research and find a knowledgeable non Satanic health care professional to work with you.   Heavy dose vitamin D3 is associated with curing MOST things and was a type of cure all before Satanic Pharma started back in the late 1800s early 1900’s (See Cliff High’s video on that).
  • Stop taking in toxins.
  • Eat only organic.
  • Stop eating meat, dairy and modern wheat even if it says ‘organic’.   No soy or corn for that matter either.
  • Look into establishing a binders habit:  xeolite, chlorella, activated charcoal, activated citrus pectin, citrus peels, baking soda ….
  • Consider a German detox:  Loads up with binders for a few days to get into the system, then uses PEMF while also increasing hydration while continuing the binders which all helps accelerate the cleansing out of toxins from the body.
  • Japanese hydration method or variation upon waking, Himilayan Sea salt and or baking soda, working up to 1/2 gallon of electrolyte loaded water first thing out of bed.  Don’t force it though.  Pace yourself in the water drinking although, this method requires some volume drinking.  Just don’t over do it and listen to your physical body for the limits.  There are all sorts of reports out there.  Most people are in habit of running on a dehydrated to slightly dehydrated state which is really not good with spike proteins and graphene oxide which is turning people’s blood close towards tar.
  • Treat any tips even though they sound healthy from any of these doctors that you see getting interviewed  who’ve had any sort of MD education as a trinket of info to be further researched.  Some will actually parrot some decent advice although almost always, they don’t know what they are talking about and they think they can fix or prevent a health problem with a magic wand pixie dust magic potion magic pill quick fix.   MD doctors are a DISASTER and it’s very hard for them to come out of their Satanic medical training.  Naturopath doctors do much better at healing unless they’ve had their minds poison by MD’s and the MD medical system. In all my extensive experience in dealing with MD’s, although they know how to perform their Satanic procedures and sorcery witchcraft to get you to conjure your own disease with your thoughts, emotions and words, do not know much of anything about health and either they are some of the dumbest people on the planet or the most wicked; take your pick.   The world has lost many many people because they believed the MDs and are about to lose way more, until the world wakes up and removes the Satanic MD medical system from the planet.
  • Death substances are logically counteracted with life substances. Eat living organic foods.  Eat whole foods.  Eat a diet of 80% food mass whole, raw, living fruits and veggies.  Cooking brings out certain nutrients while killing others.   You want to ingest what i call Life Force from the living organic foods.  I bet most of you know what i’m talking about.  Experiment eating all day using organic, whole, raw mostly fruits and veggies and observe the impact life force has on  your being.  Overcome evil, with good.  Repent!






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