Spray Skies > Diminish Sunshine > Lower Vitamin D3 Levels > People Get Sicker…

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Spray Skies > Diminish Sunshine > Lower Vitamin D3 Levels > People Get Sicker… > Increase disease across the board > Develop fake Trojan horse treatments that mask the symptoms while creating multiple other health problems in the body … 

Chem trail spraying still going on although different than it used to be before DJT

Here is a Quick Word at Inspiration at Seeing the Skies Sprayed with those Long Streams of Chemicals Again.  I Haven’t Seen the Long Streams in a While, Just the Short Ones, And it Just So Happened to Start Again on the January 20th…

Because Lowering Vitamin D3 Levels in the Body is ONE of the Primary Strategies that Pharmakia Allopathic MD Industry Uses to Create a Multitude of Sicknesses that Can Be “Treated”. 

Replacing Salt with Chemically Loaded Refined Salt is Another While Telling You to Eat Less Salt on Top of That is Another Root of Many Problems.  (So Using Natural Form Salt Like Himalayan or Redmonds Sea Salt is Good, While Making Sure You Get Enough Salt is Essential, and Even Therapeutic While M)

Pharmakia Allopathic MD Medicine is Said to Have Killed More than All Wars on this Planet Combined – Yet Those Are  Small Numbers Compared to the 6 to 7 Billion People They Were About to Kill with their COVID19, + the COVID Tests (which are a Vacine that Shoves Nano Up into Your Brain Area Plus Of Course – the Vaccienes. 

Back to the chemtrail spray I saw today of this typing –  The spray I was seeing over the past couple of years while Donald Trump was in office was a different kind of spray by look and the trails were shorter, nevertheless as trying to get sunshine today to increase my vitamin D3 levels and to do a running workout…. The skies were sprayed heavily, more heavily than I’ve seen in years, and with the long form, long stream spray like the did before DJT.  And it started blocking the sun with a hazy mist in the air. I was not pleased. The issue of spraying the skies at this point needs to be addressed and I because historically for decades the skies event sprayed for our demise sprinting BAAL barium, almunium etc      The fellow at https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ is strongly on top of chemtrail spraying if you want more info on that. 

Here are some other links.   Just wanted to mention this because we need to take the Earth back from the destroyers and heal the Earth. 

“It turns out myths, Ancient Gods and Chemtrails all tie together and it kind of backs up the Terraforming idea.
Comment from a Viewer: “Osiris was probably a giant Nephilim creature.”
Ba – Barium & Al – Aluminium=Baal
Sr – Strontium=Osiris
Fallen Angels.
Chemtrails GeoEngineering

See some research in this post although it’s messy.  

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