Spiritual Treason Prophecy Given to Mark Taylor March 3, 2017



You may want to see this blog post below:  Take all commentary as an expression and don’t follow anyone except your Lord and Master Who is?  Jesus.  That’s right. https://endtimesbeacon.com/pastors-denominations-big-trouble-mark-taylor-prophecy/

Big work in progress:  The commands of Jesus in the New Testament.  The initial round of verses are up and you can download the PDF versions up them.  They need to be touched up a bit in terms of editing but it’s more important that you start “programming” yourself with Jesus “saying”, His commands of the New Testament.  Why?

1. You want to get into Heaven and get in well don’t you?
2.  Interested in becoming the 4th seed and bearing 30, 60, 100 fold returns for the Kingdom?
3. Interested in becoming eternally super wealthy with wealth that lasts?

Well get on these commands, work with the Lord on hearing, understanding and doing them, turning them into a habit.  It’s a great relationship building process too with the Lord.  And  Look Out! You’ll be SHOCKED!    You’ll finally see that breakthrough success as a believer in Christ that you always thought you should have.  People will actually be able to recognize you as a “Christian” as they know, heard how a Christian is supposed to be.

You will start bearing fruit all over the place.   You will explode with joy.  You will start winning!  … … .. There are so many more benefits but you’ll find those later.  I have much to write on these commands.  Doing Jesus commands WORK!  Even non believers are shocked at my personal change 🙂   Here – Get on these commands FAST!    And book mark the site because the Commands with Explanations are coming and they will help you take direct action on to VICTORY  http://do-the-word.org/commands-of-yeshua-the-son-of-god/



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