Graphene Oxide Cyborg Borg Mark of the Beast

La Quinta Columa informs on more antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide

Why degrade Graphene Oxide?

  • Your mark of the beast injections are based on extremely advanced technology.   They are said to come from aliens or dark spirit beings through the reptilian Jews on Earth according to reporting and basic observation.  Israel, as in decedents from Jacob, is “God’s chosen people”, not the Jews.  Read your Bible.  Christian religions and most denominations have been captured for a long time and they are promoting the people and the twistings of people who are trying to kill you, like, literally exterminate you, your family, all humanity, off the face of the Earth.   Famous Rabbi Finklestein tells you all about what’s going on and you can find videos of him on bitchute and rumble. 
  • It makes sense since God is looking for those who would seek Him out because they want Him and love Him.  And that’s the central message of, well, everything!  duhhh  And if you don’t want God then He’s going to just squeeze out, away from Him.  If you’re a problem maker, a producers of thistles, briars, and thorns than God doesn’t want you around, as the Bible mentions.  And no one else will either.  So shape up.  Repent.  Seek God personally. Become utterly honest.  Deal with the truth and you will make speedy progress when you do.   Learn the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament – we have the PDF lists of them isolated out for you, for free from the right side menu. 
  • Graphene Oxide is magnetic and assembles into your body to replace you or parts of you and turn you into a controllable cyborg, like the Borg on Star Trek – no, not a joke.  Some of you may think that’s a good idea, to control people, especially the bad behaving ones, like turn their bad behaving kids into little robots, hmmmm but who is going to be the controller?  Evil.  Duhh.  Haven’t you read your Bible at least 20 times?   It’s been put in your face through movies over the decades.    The solution:  be controlled and directed by God.  Those who are led by The Spirit are the Sons of God.  So become a “spiritual robot” instead of sorts:)
  • Graphene Oxide can mess you up and kill you.  Get infront of some bad frequencies and that Graphene Oxide can assemble in ways that could sever you internally, clot you up or choke you up, maybe bust an organ.
  • It’s not just about Graphene Oxide. If you took the shot, the real one and not a placebo, then you have the hydra parasite, that supposedly does not die.  But if you make your body toxic to parasites which is usually associated with boosting the health of your body big time, which is good for your body, then the parasite may just leave your body or die.   If the hydra doesn’t die then maybe it will look for a way to get out of your body.  So how do do this?  Here are theoretical ideas that you’ll want to talk about with a smart, non satanic, health care professional
    • You must boost your interstitial fluids to strong alkaline levels.  But wait, I’m talking about Dr. Robert Young levels where he’s says that you need to have an interstitial pH of 8 to 9 in order to cure problems and flush out the bad things, the bad bugs and parasites.   Alkaline diets and supplementation is not about the blood pH as snake medicine likes to talk about, those devil doctors don’t even understand what the lymphatic system or what interstitial fluids are.   They love to cut out your lymph nodes out of pure stupidity or out of new levels of evil, since by cutting out your lymphnodes instead of neutralizing toxins and inflammation while increasing the pH, while cleansing out the lymph channels with, such as, a temporary fruit diet or a juiced fruit diet, they open you up to a whole world of health problems, including cancer, into the future. 
    • Go look up al Dr. Robert Young videos on and  Recently he said the 2 most effective things that have the best chance of completely neutralizing the mark of the beast vaccine are 1. baking soda  2. French clay.     Dr. Robert Young is kicking tail over there. 
    • Follow Dr. Robert Young’s Blog Here  He’s putting out incredible research and info and probably one of the tops in regards to how to fix this  mark of the beast vaccine disaster
    • It’s looking like  heavy duty anti-oxidants are knocking back the graphene oxide Bork assimilation in the body.   So you can see the link to the list of supplements they are talking about below for their research.  Also 1. jack up antioxidants in the body.   2. Stop eating bad stuff.  3. you better be eating ONLY organic.  Organic even needs improvement but it’s the best outside of growing organic on your own property, assuming you know how to do that.   Non GMO is a joke loaded with all sorts of poisons and corruption.   4. Look up “Dr. Sebi Diet” that’s a diet that will give you a framework.  5. Repent! You can do some good and some bad and expect good results. Stop sinning in your food and drink.  Go for and demand only original designed foods. 
    • Be aggressive.  Some one may come out of the blue and save you, maybe the good guys will finish up and release those magic bedbeds… but we’ve been talking about magic medbeds and 6000 cures for what, 7 years?    So forget about depending on others.  GO TO WAR against this mark of the beast vaccine (it’s not the real mark of the beast. )  Ask Jesus to pull it out of you since He said He would, assuming you REPENT to Him, mind, heart, will and body.  GO TO WAR against all contamination and corruption!  Do not tolerate evil, DESTROY IT!


La Quinta Columna has released an informative video regarding antioxidants that can be used as a preventative treatment to detoxify the graphene oxide that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people may have in their bodies.

Orwell City has taken the time to translate it into English, as it has valuable information that both La Quinta Columna’s followers and Orwell City’s readers are looking for desperately. 

No one wants to have poison as aggressive as graphene oxide in their bodies.

Remember to take a look at the preventive treatment with antioxidant rotation suggested by Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

Thanks to scientific articles we have seen, we know that every antioxidant, especially the master antioxidant glutathione, degrades graphene oxide. Glutathione can reduce even to zero its toxicity. And we have demonstrated that. 

First of all, regardless of the brand, 750 mg NAC is good. Its most common format is 600 mg. N-acetylcysteine causes the body to secrete glutathione endogenously

For me, it’s the most effective antioxidant. Take one capsule in the morning as a preventive treatment. People who’re going through a more serious clinical condition will have to consult the dosage first. However, take one capsule in the morning. That’s how it should be taken. Almost everything we’re going to see here is taken in the morning. The reason is that after gastric emptying or fasting, everything that first enters the body is absorbed quite better. This is a rule in all types of supplementation lines. N-acetylcysteine is a must

In case you don’t want to consume N-acetylcysteine, you also have glutathione to consume directly. I prefer NAC because it makes the body secrete glutathione endogenously, just as it does if you do sports intensively. When you exercise, you’re going to secrete glutathione endogenously, and it’s much safer because we are talking about the body will use 100% of the glutathione. This is glutathione, which is also sold directly for oral consumption. One tablet or capsule in the morning.


Here is the source of the video all in print with detail description on the supplements used to completely degrade grapheme oxide


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