Something Is Only Real Benefit Stated In An Official Professional Polished Sounding Voice That Uses Lots Of Big Words

Something Is Only Real Benefit Stated In An Official Professional Polished Sounding Voice That Uses Lots Of Big Words – NOT

And today we are seeing that difference! Was Moses is a polished orator? No.  where the apostles? No.  Was apostle Paul? No as he mentioned he was criticized for his lack of eloquence.

And Today We Are Seeing the Rise of …. The Real Person!   Those Who Are Real, Normal, Genuine, Straight Up, Who Do Not Buy into or Agree with the Mumbo Jumbo Swirling (Deceptive) Nonsense Speak of the Enemy of Souls….


Someone says, “His letters are weighty and powerful, but when he appears in person he is weak, and as a speaker he is nothing.”
And what I have been personally noticing is that those who trying to sound smart, who learn various vocabularies for their particular niche of focus, and especially the religious who like to use various terminologies to make them sound smart and more godly, pious and holy, are being shown to tended to be caught up in a worldly system in worldly ways of thinking and not the type of guy or gal that God uses.  They have been hooked by Satan through the use of fancy terminology,  most of which is meaningless or means error or is even a trap. 
Were seeing the rise of the “normal person”, the straight talker, making the worldly ‘wise’ look foolish.
I personally haven’t put up with this issue of people like lemmings following after the kingdom of darkness through worldly ways of what the world has promoted as good and great through the near completely collusive main stream media of almost all forms of media, even the education or most of the education system especially over the past few decades.  And they all are colluding with the kingdom of darkness to put out a message of destruction and ruin.
I’m seeing people being used and raised up that are just normal guys and girls who are also more genuine even child like genuine.  They are usually not the most eloquent, nor do they try to be.  They don’t necessarily even have correct grammar sometimes either.  Although sometimes here and there one of them can try and then it starts to feel cringey if someone genuine regular tries to impress people by rattling off a bunch of facts figures and words that are not even in line with a genuine expression.
Speaking of heavy overseeing the musical: my fair Lady? They probably made a movie about it back when.  It’s been a while.  I remember playing in the pit orchestra in high school for the musical called my fair Lady. My fair Lady was about teaching this country sounding girl, the country version of the English accent how to speak with a more pomp and proper accent.   I remember the impression I got, the feeling I got from watching were rather listening to that process over and over.  And today after we’ve gone through so many things in the past few years of exposure of the enemy and the enemy’s tactics  and techniques, I realized that people can be controlled by what is labeled and promoted as “proper”, “sophisticated”, “intelligent sounding”, “in trend”, “in fashion”, “the way things are”, “what everyone else is doing”, “getting with the times” and so on and so forth. I bet you can think of a few other related terms and concepts.   And so we are seeing that through the use of these mass psychology tactics, the clever, the strategic, have been able to control the masses to steer them in the direction they want. And since the kingdom of darkness has occupied most of those strategic and clever positions of power over the decades, centuries, millennia, they have been able to create these mass psychology ways, which one could argue are or are related to “the ways of the world” which is in opposition to God.  And if the kingdom of darkness use mass psychology such as some of these techniques to get most of the world going the same way, then one could have a better picture, perspective of why the ways of the world would be the opposite of, or against the ways of God
Take for another example: medical terminology: once you start to learn medical terminology while having an understanding of how the body works you start to realize that this terminology gets pretty ridiculous pretty quickly.  And maybe you will see that ultimately that terminology is designed and even made up on-the-fly to sell a new magic pill for to sell a new Frankenstonion procedure – both of which usually never cures a problem while creating multiple new problems to be “diagnosed” and “treated” later. 
But what I’ve seen over time is that when a person learns one of these medical vocabulary terms they can become swelled with pride thinking that they are now smarter than others, and will even correct and insult someone who takes a logical common sense approach versus to a health issue who doesn’t used the related “diagnosed” disease name term,  the mysterious fancy, and often fantasy sounding medical vocabulary term, a term which is usually inaccurate, vague and has no actual health value than the prescribed a pharmaceutical pill or magic hocus-pocus treatment.   Or additionally when one  learns one of these fancy mysterious medical terms they feel like they’ve achieved some intellectual breakthrough and they will repeat this term over and over to impress others while therefore giving this sorcery technique of the kingdom of darkness free advertising to others while more deeply embedding that term, or you can even say, that curse, that snake medicine curse, into their own subconscious for future manifestation within themselves, that is future manifestation of that disease name potentially within themselves.

I recently realized that the masses, especially those of the masses who think they are sophisticated and well educated (although they don’t know they are well educated in the doctrine of devils, and the ways and laws of the kingdom of darkness) seem to only trust and respect those who speak with a well-rounded professional sounding voice. You know, like most newscasters are trained to do.   

They trust mainstream media because they act and talk or at least try to act and talk in a sophisticated “professional” way. They talk with rounded and smooth speech. So then therefore people trust them. People trust them even though they are lying to their faces while making more and more and greater and greater lies shocked that people keep still believing them. 

A similar observation can be applied to churches overtime over the decades that I’ve seen… Those religious leaders, preachers who look and sound professional, who are smooth speakers, tended to be the most trusted preachers. Those who follow the rules of their denominational doctrines and their religious systems tend to be more trusted as well. 

And those who are willing to accept a lie and not find the truth because they don’t want to be inconvenienced, they will accept the doctrines, the corrupted doctrines, the mysterious and strange teachings of religious leaders and preachers teachings which not make sense or add up, and will even accept fake news from the media – they become the ones who are tricked onto the broad path.  They cannot see where they’re going. They cannot tell what’s going on.  

But those who follow their own conscience  and realize things are right, that things aren’t right in their own heart, that they know they are right with God, that the preaching and teaching of these religious leaders do not make sense nor answer so many questions of life and the Bible, these people will not tolerate a lie, these people who will take action to find peace and joy for their hart, these people are the ones who will take action, who will work hard, who will relentlessly pursue God until they find the truth.  And then they find The Truth. And The Truth sets them free!

And hence one could then conclude that laziness is one of the greatest eternal death causers there is. 

Take action.  KNOW the Word of God.   To help: you can use our volume Bible reading plans with the volume Bible reading system included in those plans that you can download from the right side of this page from the navigation menu.  These volume Bible reading plans will give you a specific and exact way of getting to know the word of God in us entirety layer by layer, putting all the verses of the Bible together while using your 1 million times more powerful subconscious mind vs. your conscious mind which most people use only in reading the Bible thereby sending them off into all sorts of error and interpretations that go awry.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Also we find that those who had credentials after their name, PhD’s, MD, ETC’s tended to receive instant respect and following.

And what we have seen is that the enemy has noticed the way people will blindly follow a polished sounding speaker or someone with initials or “official credentials of expertise”… And the Enemy has specifically targeted these types of trusted people, who speak in their trusted sounding, professional, polished way, who have trusted educational credentials, for replacement with those who will sound trusted but speak the sneaky agenda of the enemy, the enemy of souls.  The enemy has created an Army of Pied Piper’s leading the masses down a path to destruction. Only those who know the Word of God to a decent level have been able to see what’s going on in the world today.

Additionally we are finding that a highly effective tactic of the enemy is to keep creating various new vocabulary words. People are being imprisoned in their minds to these various vocabulary words.  They are being hooked and lead around by their ears.  “Misogynist, homophobic, racist, trans-phobic, bisexual, trisexual, quadrasexual, transsexual, bigot…” are a few of those terms, terms used for highly effective bulling of the enemy. 

“White black brown yellow red green (olive) etc…” – They use of terms to racially divide so that they can then control.  This has been another effective tactic of the enemy.   

Disease names, virus names has been another highly effective tactic to control the masses by the enemy. They can even herd the masses into doing highly destructive things with their the system of “health” such as taking drugs, undergoing Frankenstonion surgical procedures that are not necessary, or taking vaccines, arguably an utterly fake treatment method. The use of disease names and scary virus names can also induce health problems in people with their use of sorcery, witchcraft, spellcasting… getting you to manifest a disease, a sickness by simply focusing on the sickness and charging up that thought with a negative emotion, usually fear.  You can be bullied around by not knowing a vocabulary word, the vocabulary word that manipulates you or causes destruction as mentioned prior.

This is just an expression of initial thoughts on this topic. It’s not well written out.  But I wanted to introduce some concepts to think about in order to better help you prevent yourself from being manipulated, conned, bully, coerced into something that is destructive for you and this country collectively.



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