Situation Update, Mar 9, 2023 – Chlorine Dioxide Solution demonstration and interview with EPA whistleblower

0:00 Headlines

16:35 Chlorine Dioxide

37:12 Interview with David Lewis

– Doctors find graphene SHEDS from vaccinated people to the unvaccinated

– California allows biological women to be moved to women’s prisons as “trans”

– How to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) for mere pennies

– CDS is the ultimate off-grid emergency prepping solution

– Can be used to wash vegetables, sanitize surfaces and more

– Health Ranger DRINKS IT on camera

– Stock up on sodium chlorite to be able to make this in an emergency

– Interview with EPA whistleblower and scientist Dr. David Lewis

– Learn how the EPA covers up toxic pollution to protect industry profits

– Dr. Lewis reveals that the element Yttrium is a marker for biosludge

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