Situation Update, Feb 3, 2023 – CREEPY CRICKET microscope photos reveal what’s really found in EDIBLE INSECTS

0:00 Intro

5:40 Eat More Bugs

24:25 Netflix

31:13 COVID Death

33:00 Chinese Surveillance Balloon

42:20 Other News

– Creepy cricket photos reveals what’s really in cricket protein powders

– Welcome to the future: Eating cricket powder while driving an EV that’s transporting an illegal

– AI voices and Alex Jones

– GM paying Netflix to place electric vehicles in movies and shows – PAYOLA

– Chinese spy balloon cruising over America, spying on everyone while Pentagon does nothing

– Unattractive people LOVE to wear masks… it covers the UGLY

– Mass bankruptcies strike Sweden

– Millions of Americans flee crime-ridden Democrat-run cities

– 500K workers strike in the UK

– The death of the dollar

– Two-thirds of America now living paycheck to paycheck

– UK government spies on tweets of journalists who questioned #covid narrative

– J&J tries to dismiss billions in talc lawsuits using shell company games

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