Singapore – “Covid19” is Radioactive Bacteria that Causes Blood Clots – They Use Aspirin But…

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Shari reads off the Singapore findings and treatment in the video below:

It is insightful.   The word “radioactive” stands out.  Can be related to 5g, wifi, cellphones in general, cell towers, 5G towers, smart meters, those fancy “modern light bulbs”, whatever is eminating from your “smart” appliances, your car, your electric car etc etc …. because guess what?  5G causes “spikes” on your blood cells and makes your cells look like “corona virus”.

Most people are in big trouble because their diets as well.  It’s so hard to find good organic foods.   Plus, as reported, especially right now, the meat and dairy has been extra poisoned. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers not only are related to all sort of health problems but they also negate important production of certain molecules that are important for human health, such as, salvestrol, as popularly reported. 

They use aspirin for blood clots and some other drugs.  All the nations have been deceived by Pharmakeia allopathic sorcery drugs.  Just Say NO to drugs!  Herbals and other nutrients workout much better without the side effects caused by these sorcery drugs.  These side effects may have even intentionally been targeted because, as you can hear from any pharma pill, treatment commercial, they cause multiple other problems in the body which then create multiple new causes for ‘treatments’ of their MD allopathic snake medicine sorcery trickery treatments.   “Curing people is an unprofitable business model…” as one Goldman Sachs analyst blurted out a few years ago (you know he got in trouble…)   Trust in snake medicine, you’re gonna get bitten.  You can imagine that the serpent isn’t so happy about losing its arms and legs as it lost after it was tricked by Satan into conning Eve, as the story goes.   Aspirin is a drug.  It can easily cause internal bleeding.  I remember taking aspirin back when after an MD said, “oh you should take aspirin daily because it’s good for the heart…” after 3 days I had consistently blood stool. Nice. 

What else is anti clotting?  Well what do surgeons tell you not to take before surgery (besides aspirin) so your blood can clot after they gash you?  Fish oil.  Turmeric.  – those are 2 prime examples.

Want to prevent the tribulation in the future, at least through sorcery pharmakeia ‘medicine”

  • After this current mess  completely shut down Allopathic MD Medicine.  They are a murder machine and know very little about health and how the body works.   Retrain who you can retrain. 
  • Make all drugs illegal and replace by foods and herbs.
  • Release the suppressed natural cures  – there are TONS of them, many people are already well aware of them.
  • Then put public funds into natural cures especially ones focused on honoring God and giving Him the Glory for what He has already provided for us to be well and super.  Even with super tech medbeds etc you can’t get away from fixing the foods, eating only not corrupt preferably original design foods, all organic of course and
  • Most of drugs that have any sort of moments of success are cheap knockoffs of a natural substance.
  • MD’s and allopathic nurses:  Start studying herbs and foods now.   Start discovering other forms of problem identification in the body that can be even more accurate than often corrupt and clueless diagnosis machines.  Start learning about motion, hydration, the lymphatic system and how it actually works, vibration for all sorts, moving lymph, restoring health to the kidneys so they can filter, restoring the body towards original design.  Learn the functionality of organs so you stop cutting out important body parts.  Learn the power of hydration and electrolytes in how both combined, strategically used, can quickly reverse many problems.  Learn what “disease” is associated with what lack of what mineral and lack of what vitamin.  Discover the problems that can get solved be re-balancing Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s.   Discover the power of “megadosing” vitamins and minerals (with their co factors) for fixing a lot of problems.    Discover the power of strategic exercises for reversing many problems.   Plus much more…  Change your industry. Become heroes and heroines. Don’t end up in front of a Nuremberg trial for crimes against humanity.
  • Repent MD allophatic doctors, nurses, pharmacists, drug makers before it’s too late. Learn about what works.  Unbrainwash yourselves from your Satanic education.  You’re out of time to learn from your own personal health crises, as many of us experienced which woke us up.  Unfortunately, personal health crises at this time are extra deadly health wise or legal wise.  The military is recording everything you do and they do have the capacity to do so, EVERYTHING. 

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