September 23, 2017 Explained and It’s Good News

September 23, 2017 Explained and It’s Good News

Remember you prophets of doom and gloom.  You have been warned.  Your doom and gloom will be your doom so says God in Mark Taylor Prophecies 

See our YouTube channel for all of the prophecies given to Mark on video, short video reading the prophecy off to you.

So I see a report that the entire country of Russia is in a panic because they believe September 23, 2017 is the start of the tribulation and the rapture will happen.  Hundreds of thousands of people have even evacuated Russia.  Wow are we going to do this every year?

You see YouTube flooded with September 23rd.  They did this last year as well.  2015 too.

Understand this:  the Kingdom of Darkness is putting out a ton of disinfo not only through media, but also even through AI bots plus they are taking people on visitations to mock Heaven and Hell visitations.  They have their strategy.  Ultimately they are trying to trip you up so you turn against God, of course.

We have entered the Kingdom Age.  There is a billion soul harvest to come.  We’re going to be around for another 100 years at least according to those God has shown some of the future.  The best authority on this matter is Kat Kerr.  Many many others have been making genuine Heaven visits.  The prophets that have been accurate, such as Mark Taylor, are in line with Kat Kerr – Kat has the most information.   And yes 1. Whitney Houston 2. Michael Jackson and 3. Elvis  oh and 4. Superman, Christopher Reeves are in Heaven.  Yes.  That’s good news certainly for everyone!

But what is very profound about September 23 2017 is that this birthing sign is to bring forth the manifestation of the sons (and daughters) of God who will rule the planet in the spirit realm all the way up until the rapture victory party, for the Kingdom of Darkness will not be able to do anything until we are called out.   No this is not the “Millennial Age” this is the Kingdom Age where Kingdom rises against Kingdom up before the end, the 7 year tribulation “bump in the road”

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
So hear from God through Kim Clement – you’ll understand, I hope, what’s going on.
Stay away from doom and gloom and ‘judgement judgement judgement’ spewers.  People are committing suicide because of their message and they now have blood on their hands.  Don’t spread their junk!


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