Secrets of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine…

We stumbled upon some fascinating concepts related to this chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine chemical that has been used in the past for helping treat malaria amongst other things.

And the mechanics of chloroquine involve up taking and important mineral into the cell.   Chloroquine acts as a zinc ionophore that allows more zinc into the cell to inhibit RNA dependent RNA polymerase.    This means that it helps inhibit  bad virus-infected cells  from replicating so the immune system can catch up and destroy  these virus-infected cells. (Therefore, you better have plenty of zinc in your body before chloroquine is taken in order to be taken up into the cells.)

Additionally chloroquine  acts as an agent that increases liposomal and endosomal  pH.  And there is another interesting Factor…  

Some Coronavirus covid-19  protocols use  chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine and zinc supplementation in combination.

This means that chloroquine makes the cell more alkaline.   Becoming more alkaline is  one of the pillar foundations for all great healers over the past century, you know the ones who have been able to hear about every single disease name you can think of including making the blind see and the  rippled walk outside of the realm of miracles simply by using what God already told us to use and eating God’s  original design foods for man (and not corrupted versions of those foods)  in a strategic and a systematic way.  Conversely those who are in a high acidic state and who continue to eat such foods and drink such drinks, while infected, put themselves on the side of deadly possibilities.

And, another fascinating  concept that was mentioned is that the release of a virus (to spread to duplicate and infect more cells) requires a low PH which means and  acidic state.   This chloroquine  raises the pH making it more alkaline. And that is super interesting…

Yes the body needs to balance the pH if it has the materials to do so.   But the balancing of the pH would mean that first an imbalance was created. In modern times we chronically, on average, tend to keep pushing the pH downward making our bodies more virus replication friendly.

 One more thing is that one protocol in particular emphasizes the supplementation of zinc in combination with the taking of the chloroquine.   And in that protocol they did not specifically mention the addition of the azithromycin or Benadryl.

 Additionally we’ve heard certain sharp physicians in China (and they had the stronger form,  the more deadly form, the L form  of Coronavirus COVID-19) use vitamin C IV quite effectively at a rate of (if I remember correctly of course you would want to do your own research  to present to your health care professional)  20,000 mg in an IV,  I believe it was three times a day.  Also I’ve seen  an article on the NYPost regarding some doctor using  1500 mg IV,  which is too puny.    On that note you may also want to investigate what the  successful naturopathic doctors are doing since they usually are far more effective at many types of health problems (not surgery of course).


From PubChem

Chloroquine C18H26ClN3 VS Hydroxychloroquine C18H26ClN3O

Sometimes you hear of chloroquine and sometimes you hear hydroxychloroquine mentioned as a potentially successful coronavirus, COVID-19 viral remedy treatment in the news. They are very chemically similar except hydroxychloroquine has another oxygen on it. You can see the chemical formula images below from Pubchem.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are both antimalarial and anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory means it has the ability to put out things that cause inflammation, namely acid. They raise the pH which means that they are  alkaline pushing in the body. 

Hydroxychloroquine  is considered to be more effective in certain cases and is more anti-inflammatory. Ultimately do understand that these are pharmaceutical drugs that are needed to be obtained through a doctor, through a pharmacy. Each dosage would have to be assessed on an individualized basis according to the individual and also to see if there’s any conflicts with other drugs.   The chemical world is very complicated and is extremely dangerous especially if you’re trying to think about self treatment as one individual took the wrong form of chloroquine (phosphate) and then died. 

A chemical is an isolate,  a concentrated substance that can cause different reactions and chain reactions within the body.  Additionally a chemical can come in many forms even though it may have the base name such as “chloroquine”.

The pharmaceutical world is a highly dangerous world (hundreds of thousands die, possibly millions die from Pharmaceuticals directly each year with additional  possibilities of far vast numbers of early death due to the long term use side effects of pharmaceuticals –  and this is not even taking into account the use of illicit drugs). So you must work with your appropriate healthcare professionals including your pharmacist to make sure you are doing things right and you are not creating conflicts or potential negative reactions or potential negative chain reactions in the body with other things that you are doing, taking, drinking, eating or absorbing.

On that note any chemical, man-made chemical, is a  potential disruptive force in the body and is not to be taken lightly.  It is not wise to allow the body to continual chemical exposure from any form of chemical including cleaners,  soaps,  cosmetics,  toothpaste,  foods,  water,  other drinks and so on…

Back to pH raising  chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine…

And as mentioned before various studies have found viruses do not replicate well unless in an acidic environment. And this is what the great healers have found success by pushing the pH balance in the body more towards the alkaline side with foods, herbs and mineral supplementation while  avoiding the chronic use of acid forming, acid balance pushing foods and drinks. 

Alkaline brings life. Acid brings destruction. Well, at least in concept of restoring  balance to the body in modern times but also in the state of illness in general usually.  And of course if you go too alkaline you’re going to cause problems.   Our blood,  our body for the most part  needs to remain in an alkaline pH of 7.36 to 7.4.  That is alkaline because neutral is 7.0 pH. Modern times bombards us with too man acid pushing things.

Bad things grow in acid.   Your body grows in an alkaline state.   Your body continually tries to keep the pH at 7.36 to 7.4 but it needs the materials to balance the pH,  to counteract the various loads of acid, and if you don’t provide the materials to balance the pH your body is going to struggle  and you’re going to allow  bad things to proliferate.  

Additionally pockets of acid can get stuck in the body interstitially which  can then trigger your body to create tumors to enclose those pockets of  toxic acid waste in a last-ditch effort to save your life from those pockets of toxic waste that are stuck.

Our country and arguably much of the world has been duped directly by Kingdom of Darkness workers into various corrupt foods that have been chronically pushing the acidic state.  These are the ones who engage in the sorcery called pharmakeia as mentioned in Revelation 18 to deceive the nations so they could control and rule over us, which we allowed  them to do for the past six thousand years, although that time is up.  But as we transition away you don’t want to get caught in the transition of taking in the bad since it make take a while to clean things up.  So repenting in your foods can put you in a far better position for greater health in problem avoidance.

 There is lots to talk about on these topics but that’s it for now. 

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