Secret Space Program Time Traveling Soldier Confirms Jesus Christ and Power in His Name

low angle view of cross with red garment

Secret Space Program when it Was Controlled by Black Hats and Reptillians Has Time Traveling Devices and they Confirmed Historical Jesus Christ – and They All Tremble at Jesus’ Name.  

Daryl James Secret Space Program Soldier Who Was a Bit Naïve to What Was Going On at the Start and Was Kept Around Since He Was a Musician and Able to Play and Sing Music Well (Fallen Angels Used to Be Musicians for God with Lucifer as the Chief Musician and Head of the Worship Music).   So in the Dark Fleet, to Feed the Demons and to Train Obedience they Would Torture Their Own Soldiers.  They Had Med Bed Tech So they Would Gut Their Soldiers and Eat them Even, then Repair them Back to Normal.   Daryl Tried to Get Out of this and One Day Had the Idea to Use the Name of Jesus Christ and Yeshua and It Worked – He Started Commanding Around His Reptilian Torturers.   

Daryl Confirms that the Dark Fleet and Reptilians Hate Jesus and His Name in All Forms is Banned in Their Organization.  So These Reptilians Sound A Lot Like what the Bible Calls Demons or Bad Spirits.  Other Super Soldier and Cosmic Historian Videos Say that Reptilians are 4th Dimensional Beings ( 2nd Heaven – Outer Space _ Outer Darkness) that Have a Physical form But Are Often Controlled by:  1. Evil AI “Sauron” or the “Animus”  2. Or Demons disembodied spirits. 

So in short, this video was provided to help confirm that Jesus was a historical figure and that Jesus is who He said He was, the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Ruler of All Creation since Everything that Was Created Was Created Through Him.   Some of these “spiritual gurus” are trying to say that Jesus was not a historical figure and that the whole Bible is a metaphor for “Christ Consciousness” as a process that happens in the body if you don’t have sex around your birthday’s moon cycle.  They think the story of Jesus is after the flesh.  When they don’t consider that the design of the flesh is to be a witness of Jesus.  Just as God the Father, “Source” Name YHVH YAHWAH ELOHEEM is written in your DNA.  Or Laminin as the cross that holds your cells together as Jesus is said to hold all things together in the Bible.  So since these people, these new agers, these spiritual gurus, these Gnostics deny Jesus came in the flesh, then what does that make them according to what apostle John said?   That’s right.  ANTICHRIST.



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