Save Millions, Hundreds of Millions, Billions of Lives – a Most Efficient Solution

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Save Millions, Hundreds of Millions, Billions of Lives – a Most Efficient Solution  

All You Need to Do 

  1. Pull Satan Controlled Media Licences in USA then the World – All forms of Media. 
  2. Tell the Truth on Those Media Sources. 

Make the tough decision. Most people are confused so you’re not going be universally “non-offensive”.  Are you going to let so many die having condemned many to eternal damnation while ruining the destinies of others?  Let the people unify and rise and take out the Enemy to scour the world of the enemy.  Have all the popular people, movie stars, athletes, come out and confess the truth. 

Release NESARA!  Return the money to the people.  People are sick of being poor, suppressed, stolen from, abused, cheated, lied to… Most people act bad because they are treated bad.  So start treating them good.  Start performing the promises. 

Don’t let Satan punk you. As said Mark Taylor prophecy if you follow the god of this world (Lucifer) he will bring you low…  See Kat Kerr videos.  Those who follow Lucifer, especially officially in positions of power are said to be tortured the most in Hell then the Lake of Fire and are mocked endlessly by demons for making Lucifer their god.   

Understand that God is looking for those who are willing to deny themselves now in the flesh because they are so in love with Him. It’s really more like this:  those who love God, who are in love with God (we’re supposed to marry God oh Bride of Christ as a reminder) seek Him, spend time with Him, dwell with Him and in Him (spiritually) and by doing so get so charged with God, with holiness, with the love of God, that they lose interest in sin, the mediocre “pleasures in the flesh” the mediocre “pleasures of this world.”   God = long term winning, trillions of years … Lucifer = maybe some short term winning that gets made shorter but then trillions of years of brutal beyond your imagination torturous losing (see various Hell visitation testimonies on YouTube).

So don’t get fooled by Lucifer saying that ‘God is mean’ because He doesn’t let you do this or that (end result hurtful or destructive thing to  yourself and others);  or that God want’s to keep you from being rich and successful.  Oh no.  It’s quite the opposite.  God wants to make you MEGA RICH and this wealth (yes actual stuff, precious stones, metals, interdimentional houses, space ships, your own planet (or you get to design your own planet – see Kat Kerr’s materials).   Plus, God’s children are about to become the mega rich on this planet, in this realm too!  Do get right with God.  Know the Bible!

This life is a testing ground to see if you’ll choose God and choose good.  God has to lock up sin in the Lake of Fire so it doesn’t go on destroying the universe(s)!.  

So wake up!  Get your basic “common” sense back.  Don’t explore darkness it will suck you in (see character “Parallax” in that latest Green Lantern movie).   Wake up!  Save the humans!   

And if you think you have the cure in the medbeds, do med beds bring people back from the dead?  An “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin – 1736

Here are some new videos. 

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