Satan is a Socialist

Satan is a Socialist

Join Sid Roth & Dr. Jennifer Clark as they reveal the truth – satan is a socialist.
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Satan a Socialist—Really?

Satan Is a Socialist is a myth-busting book that confronts one of the central spiritual (and political) issues of our time.

Dr. Jennifer Clark examines Biblical and historical evidence on the kind of economic system that fosters liberty and shakes off bondage and dependence.

Along with her husband, Dr. Dennis Clark, Jennifer gives answers that point to chilling conclusions you need to know sooner, not later.

Satan Is a Socialist gives a street-level look at—

• What are the real differences between free enterprise and socialism?
• Why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution matter
• What does the Bible say about socialism/communism?

As a nation, America is known for freedom and free enterprise. Among the community of nations, we have become a standard for wealth and opportunity, but we are not without poverty. Jennifer gives you Biblical and historical facts alongside truths, and even common sense not often found on media outlets today!

▶▶Get your digital copy of Satan Is a Socialist by Dr. Jennifer Clark:

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