Salvation Prayer Prophet Nathan French Used Successfully

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A lot of us can get stuck in trying to lead someone to the Lord for becoming born again for salvation.  We get stuck because we don’t know exactly what to say. We also worry about saying the wrong things in that 1. maybe God will be mad at us for saying the wrong thing…  2.  Maybe we’ll mess up some one’s salvation…  3. Just general fear, worry and fear of “failure”…

So when someone who knows what they are doing and has success at leading someone to the Lord we can take note and EMULATE them. 

Here is what I transcribed from the video below.  You can use it to lead someone in prayer to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.   Maybe you can email it to someone, post it somewhere etc.   You can use it as a model off of which to make your own.    Just tell people to mean the prayer FOR REAL with all of their being, all of their mind and heart.  This is not a meaningless religious act. 

As provided by Nathan French from the Video Below: 

“Jesus, I thank you for the cross that you died for my
sins. I receive you as my Lord and Savior. I give you
my whole life and I surrender all that I am to you.
And I thank you for the gift of salvation. I receive
it by faith. Fill me to overflowing with your Holy
Spirit. Baptize me in passion and fire in your Holy

This is good to use in general but with great emergency urgency if someone took those vaccines. 

The salvation prayer model was from his video on

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