Roger Stone Gets Saved

Roger Stone Gets Saved Accepting Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior in a Quest to Get Right with God After He Wakes Up from Various Attacks

What does accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior mean?  It means turning ownership of yourself, by the act of your will, and stated out loud with your mouth that “Jesus is Lord and I Accept Jesus as My Lord and Savior”  while at the same time you BELIEVE in your HEART (not your head but your heart) that Jesus has risen from the dead to go back to God the Father, as Son of God Who sites on the Right Hand of God the Father. 

God owns you anyways but we wants you to choose Him with the act of your will because then it’s meaningful.  And He’s not into forcing people against their will, especially when it comes to a personal relationship.

God wants you to return home to Him.  You must conquer and overcome this realm of testing to choose Him, to choose the Truth.  The truth stands on it’s own. You know that.    Your job is to conquer this realm by choosing God over Satan which means choose God vs anything else, or any temptation anything that God says is good over bad.  Do you want God?  Do you want to be in Heaven with God after you die?  If so then choose Him!  Do what He says in the New Testament!

God the Father replicated Himself in Jesus the Son, known as “The Word” which was His Name before He became man and took on the name of Yeshua (Jesus as popularly known).  Jesus is your Maker.  There was nothing made that is made in Heaven and on Earth that wasn’t made through Jesus.  God the Father said what to do and Jesus, The Word, stepped out of God the Father (spirits can overlay and be in each other) and made the universe with His hands (hence He became a carpenter when He came to Earth.  Jesus IS God.  God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – 3 are One.  The Three IS God.   Jesus always was God.  And God wants you to sense Him and know Him and differentiate Him from all else around you, from every thought and from every other spirit or being.  God wants you to KNOW Him and trust Him, as in a direct person to person trust, as a child trust their parent or as you may have trusted a best friend in the past. 

So now God is calling of you to recognize that He, Jesus is God.  He want’s to you read the New Testament over and over and over, then the Old Testament too.  You’ll find that Jesus is all over the entire Bible; He is everywhere in the Bible.

So what do you do to get right with God like Roger Stone Did 6 months ago or so?

  1. Talk to God and ask Him to show you Jesus
  2. Ask God to give you the ability to believe in Jesus and make Him your Lord.
  3. Believe on Jesus with your heart. Believe in Him as a verb. Believe in your heart that God the Father raised Jesus the Son after He overcame and conquered the universe by dying on the cross.  Through Jesus is the victory. 
  4. Confess that Jesus is your Lord.  This means you are turning ownership over Him to direct your life.  This means that you get God Almighty as your “life coach” as your Parent, as your Boss, as your Leader to direct you to total eternal success, happiness, adventure and wealth with lots and lots of love being surrounded by only good people.  And as you progress over time you get better and better at doing all the commands of the New Testament and also hearing God direct you in real time as you personally trust Him in a continuous walking relationship.
  5. You can use the attached “Salvation Prayer” as a model. But make it real and genuine from you to God. 
  6. Then just do everything the New Testament says.  “Reprogram your soul” (your heart and mind) with the Commands of Jesus and get rid of the commands of Satan, the ways of this world…



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