Rise Up Humanity – They Are Trying to Kill You – COMPLETELY – For Real


The good guys are waiting for you to wake up. So wake up. Rise up. Take back your country. One hero country will trigger the rest.

People in the media of all types, conservative media especially,  keep talking from a delusional perspective. They keep talking like we are in the the old days.  They keep trying to talk in their fancy, formal, sophisticated, fake ways implying that we are going back to politics as usual.  No you’re not. If you agree with the kingdom of darkness at this point not only will you be the exterminated by them you will be considered a traitor not only to your country, but to humanity and the Kingdom of Heaven. So stand your ground. And if you knew your Bible well you would know that these types of times are repetitive.  testing and character building are two of the main reasons we are here.

Humanity you must rise up now.  no longer can you tolerate messages that tell you everything is going to be all right. No longer can you seek happiness, peace and comfort because you have a war coming to you and unless you stand up, you consent to your destruction.  Then do understand that the ways of the kingdom of darkness, the ways of Maritime Laws of the Venetians, those 13 diabolical families that had been ruling the Earth for what, the past 6000 years, needs you to consent. So don’t!  Rise up. Don’t let the kill you. 

Understand that these people from the dark side including all those controlled by the dark side (i.e. most politicians, corporate heads, most governmental positions.)  has a “very urgent” end goal given to them by guess who? That’s right – Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness workers. 

We all kind of knew that Lucifer wanted to exterminate all mankind but now we’re facing the reality of it. He’s making his push. Why? Because he knows his time is short. All kingdom of darkness workers know that their time is short, short for what? An eternity in the Lake of Fire which they are trying to escape – so you can imagine that they are highly motivated.

Is this all “imaginary”?   You’ll see if this is all imaginary talk.  unfortunately for some or many of you it will be too late and if you have not been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, Yeshua the Son of God (see how to do that here) , then you will end up in the Lake of fire yourself. On top of that you have the past four years of warning. Go tell all your friends and how to be redeemed, get saved, get into Heaven through this link    although make sure you get in yourself first.  all the instructions are in the New Testament make sure you read the New Testament over and over and over again.

Yet that evil, the entire kingdom of darkness,  are a speck of dirt compared to God. We tend to forget how massive God is.   And for perspective sake we are here for learning and training and also testing: And who are you going to choose? God or Lucifer.  Jesus as Lord or Lucifer as lord?    Are you going to obey the Bible the New Testament or are you going to go with the ways of the world, have a life directed by your flesh, have a life directed by your will in the flesh vs. having a life directed by your new born again from above Spirt ( see how to get this born again from above spirit here).

So the good guys need the world wake up so they will back the good guys. The world has been under the spell of the kingdom of darkness for quite some time, you could say 6000 years, but in these recent modern times it has been the satanically controlled media, the satanically collusive only controlled, coordinated propaganda for the kingdom of darkness media.  Their propaganda is not only for communist or socialist purposes it is for your complete extermination.  Some of you may not want to believe that, but too bad.  Just look at least and keep an open mind and you’ll see things expose one by one going forward.

  • Trump is already the president of the restored American Republic.  But as one of the main military leaders, one of seven, has said, since the world is not woken up it’s time for pain and suffering.  If they are willing to go along with mainstream media then they will get more of it to obnoxious levels until the pain and suffering is so unbearable that they are demanding Trump return.  Then when Donald Trump returns and unveils he’s been president all along since I think January 11 2021, the world, most of the rest of the USA will welcome him with open arms especially…. Since he’s likely to announce NESARA which restores 6000 years of accumulated wealth to each individual as per the records  they’ve obtained from the bad guys.  how it will be accessible I’m not quite sure and I don’t think they have determined that yet since they have also thought that it’s probably not a good idea to give everyone millions of dollars right up front, and some have even said that you may be worth billions even.  And they have the gold to back it now. 
  • Biden is president of an expired entity. Yet he will have a certain amount ability to cause lots of pain. Unfortunately those who go along with their agenda such as wearing masks, wearing double and triple masks ( where masks do not prevent infection of a viral particle
  • Understand that in the Spanish flu of 2018 all of those people who were sick were sick because of a vaccine they were given prior to getting that Spanish flu so in effect they were poisoned. You can probably even correlate that those infected with Covid 19 if it ever was a virus outside of simply being the flu as no one including the CDC has been able to actually identify the actual virus implying that it doesn’t exist – probably got sick because they took a flu shot and were poisoned through that in prior.  Also keep in mind that the founder of modern vaccines was associated with being a Jesuit which is associated with being a Lucifarian, which means that they want to kill you, take the children, do bad things to them and then kill the children or rather harvest them for drug making.
  • So my point is that you don’t want to get caught up and tricked during this point in time into something that will ruin your life or ended.
  • Maybe as a tip it’s best to not argue, not talk about what you don’t really know, be quite, change topics, play dumb, focus on fun and happy things.   
  • Do not look to please people only look to please God. If anyone is pushing you to wear masks or take vaccines that understand whether they know it or not they are trying to harm you and even kill you. They are not your friend even if they are family. If someone you consider a family member or friend is blindly listening to some wicked sounding person from mainstream media tell them this bunch of ill logical nonsense about wearing masks, about getting vaccines, when the plane research that has been out there a long time saying masks only make the sickness worse, and multiple cures have already been published even for acute state cases ( from the hydroxychloroquine + zinc method to the use of a plain old asthma inhaler that have 100% cure rate and death prevention).    If anyone who’s trying to tell you what everyone else is saying because they heard it on thee news that you need to do all these illogical idiotic things like Max wearing and vaccine taking, when they don’t do their own research, when there is no talk about diet correction, when there’s no talk about why the regular flu has all but completely disappeared meaning that they are simply calling the flu Covid 19 ,  while hiding the statistic that the flu, the regular flu kills many more people than this Covid 19 ever did ( minus the fake Covid 19 death statistics where they assign any cause of death just about as Covid 19), where they are using those PCR test to fake up to 95% false positives as the developer of the test has even said… If anyone is pushing you because everyone else is doing it, because someone said sell on the news, then that person is not your friend, they are your enemy.  
  • Those who are not encouraging you to learn about the Word of God and master doing the New Testament are not your friends; they are not looking out for your best interests, parents included.   Those who are encouraging you to do the ways of the world, known sin, waste your time pursuing pleasures of flesh, waste your time trying to encourage you to maximize yourself in this world instead of maximizing your self in the next world are not your friends, at their your enemies.  For most of us it’s time to get some new friends who are focused on putting the Kingdom of God first, bearing fruit for God, building His Kingdom, doing acts of kindness in Jesus name, saving souls, and personally mastering the New Testament while teaching others to do so as part of the main commission, the great commission of Matthew 28: 19 – 20.  It’s time to master the fundamentals of the New Testament so we can go on to be bearers of the greater works, the greater miracles going ahead.  But the world needs us to be obedient to the entire New Testament, mastering the commands of Jesus which are any verses stated in a command style or implied commands style throughout the New Testament – see our lists from the right sidebar you can download that we have determined after  going through the New Testament four times for those commands versus.

So because the satanically controlled media was not dealt with years ago as one prophet mentioned it should have been years back ( but I’m not sure about his prophecies as in I don’t know them that well as prophecies and he doesn’t really put them out as prophecies but says God talks to him clearly and says had accuracy (and actually the timing of his prophecies seemed to line up well with those from the Elijah List, implying, man wanting to do things his way instead of God’s way (which is super easy for man to do… (let’s look at our own selves on this matter right no and see if we can get this fixed in ourselves) therefor implying the good guys messed up, or didn’t do what God told them for optimal results… again, which is easy to do and they have been doing an incredible job in so  many ways too)…   since the media was allowed to continue casting their spells, broadcasting their diabolical frequencies, and speaking with high level manipulative speech, speech that was so manipulative people that people have a hard time believing anyone would be that wicked, or at least it seems a large percentage of the world who keeps getting hooked by this wicked media… we now have this big mess and big delay.  And unfortunately, as Juan O’ Savin 1 of 7 in the Make America Great Again Foundation (assuming) – head of the good guys on Earth, the world will need to now experience PAIN in order to wake up.

That said you don’t have to focus on the pain of error.  Just use the time to be in God and draw a really close to God.  Use this time to get a lot of inner work done and get a lot of issues in you resolve between you and God.  Get a lot of false beliefs that you have expose and cleanse from you.   Work hard at on believing in the 666 sins of the Bible list and work hard at installing the Commands of Jesus -from the list on the sidebar.  Why would you want to do that?  It’s your soul that needs the programming. If you are born-again of course your spirit man your new spirit man is perfect. But it’s your soul which is basically like a computer that simply needs programming and needs the viruses uninstall, viruses which are been beliefs, beliefs in a sin that it is good okay to do or something that he can get away with.

 So hopefully the good guys will start to replace this wicked media and start putting the truth out there.  Was it  a strategy that they allowed a foreign enemy from this realm to continue to brainwash our nation and the rest of the world? )CCP China and the those 13 diabolical families, the Venetians, the Rockefellers etc and a foreign entity from the spirit realm who control these bad guys in the it’s physical realm quite directly, as in these people have been noted to the direct satan worshipers, Ba’al worshipers doing all sorts of hideous mind blowingly ghastly things to gain power from the dark side.)  Maybe. I don’t know. But from our ground-level perspective versus a birds eye perspective, that did not seem very good, yet there is a big perspective going on here which is to set up the Kingdom Age and the Great Harvest.  So it’s hard for us to give opinion on that matter although I think most of us will be very happy when that wicked satanically collusivly controlled media is purged from the planet.

And sorry I don’t think free speech covers an enemy that’s trying to literally take over your country and kill off all the people not only in your country but on the rest of the planet…  Remember that they want their 90% population reduction around the world: that is their stated goal that they have stated publicly over and over and is arguably Bill Gates , most goal.  And whatever is left they want to turn into a nonhuman cyborgs that they can control – and when you become nonhuman you will be your redeemable and will have to go to thee Lake of fire forever just like all the people on earth in the days of Noah who are considered nonhuman when God sent the flood ( besides Noah and his family). 

This is not a joke.  Wake up.  Sober up.  You may not have been in a war where people are actually trying to kill you.  You have had people, including this collusive satantically controlled main stream media, who are trying to kill you in physical realm but also in the spirit realm, from the kingdom of darkness.   Yes this is real.  Go watch some Heaven and Hell visitation videos to increase the reality to you.  The only thing is, you can drag  your feet too long in waking up, and then, WHAM, one day, it’s too late, and you find yourself being chopped to pieces and burnt to a crisp day after day after day, forever… So I would get aggressive about getting right with God and getting into Heaven.  

  1. See how to get into Heaven and be saved here.   Also just do everything in the New Testament to ensure your salvation.  You can say the sinners prayer, become born again but then end up in the otter darkness because you were not obedient to the New Testament. 
  2. There is a lot of New Ager or New Age mixed with the Bible talk about there saying that if you mess up you’ll just be reincarnated.  These people are usually also trying to say that most religions are the same and or that Jesus did not come in the flesh, but Bible stories are just allegories.  Well those people have not read the Bible very well.  The New Testament says that  you live ONCE in the flesh in this realm and then the judgement.  A lot of people would prefer to believe in something less harsh like reincarnation but that’s certainly a risky and not very logical thing to do which will also cause you to be a slacker and not correct yourself reprogramming your soul in line with the entire New Testament, the Commands of Jesus, God’s rules of relationship.  Also those who say that Jesus did not come in the flesh are called antichrist, they are from the kingdom of darkness see 1 John 4.

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