Rich Vera Video Notes Prophecies After 21 Day Fast

Rich Vera Video Notes Prophecies After 21 Day Fast



  • Has 1000 verified miracles.
  • 21 full fast but water.
  • 1 day on fast Lord took up and showed him things.

We are the last generation.

BELIEVE that is what SAVES!!!  That’s what gives you the holy glow.

Cuba will have Christian explosion.  They will now minister to USA.

Spirit of change on India.  Australia and India. Nuclear power expanding to help poor of India.  Christian church explosion (expansion)  in India.

Even Catholics will start repenting and many will become born again.
India will carry Gospels to the nations!  Many missionaries will come out of India which will bless the world. . Christianity will be accepted in society and government in India. Prosperity to body of Christ.

The cure of cancer within 5 years will spread.  Out of Europe will come cures of cancers and other diseases that won’t be stopped by corrupted medical monopoly systems (ahem usa).
God is about to judge Alzheimers because it has taken his servants.

Coming revival in the Catholic church which will lead many to be saved.

God has best intentions for your life.

Donald Trump prophetic shaping 2016 legacy. Trump will bring to light to expose the secrets of darkness here in USA.  Lord gave a vision.   A prayer that Donald had with the Lord that the Lord marked his life and why prosperity has come on him.

White House – Rich Vera actually went into the White House in the spirit.  Obama started to tear up.  wasn’t able to handle  Going corner Obama so he will call on the name of the Lord.  Obama to be saved???  Yahoo!

Spirit of fear on the land amongst the brothers and sisters in Christ.  God’s glory is going to surround us like a bubble.  Great light lifting up the body of Christ.  He is lifting up evangelists.  There will be signs, wonders and miracles on USA..

God is about to raise the supernatural:  provisions,  where you know only God has done it.  Don’t have to wait anymore says God: “PREACH MY GOSPEL AND MY SIGNS AND WONDERS WILL FOLLOW YOU.  RISE UP EVANGELISTS WITH MIRACLE SIGNS AND WONDERS”.

God is making way to travel faster.
Oil lose it’s power.  New system of fueling.  Oil is going to become secondary to what God is bring to the Earth, from the Earth.


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